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Why we get it wrong.

This article will examine the Transformational Fields mentioned in lesson 7 on the General scheme of the Total Man under the heading 'What am I?'. These fields are found in the Subtle Body of the Energy System and relate to the Mind, Intellect and Ego. These three terms are sometimes confusing, so I will elaborate as to their meanings. We shall then see how they affect us in Subtle ways.

Mind is the tool of consciousness that enables perception through the senses. Mind uses brain to process the signals that are coming in through the senses, but mind is not a product from the brain. This is illustrated by organisms that have no real brain but still they have a mind that enables them to sense changes in the environment.

Intellect is the tool of consciousness that contains knowledge that is accumulated in this life and in past lives. Intellect carries with it the past and the present, and also speculates about the future. Intellect helps ego with advice and information but the final decision comes from ego. Ego can say, "I like it" and although intellect may disapprove ego may decide "okay., I don't believe that this is right, but I don't want to follow all these rules and regulations, I'll break the law". If intellect is too much dominating then information in books is considered more important than own experience.

Ego is the illusion that I exist as a separate individual being. Ego is the one which assumes the responsibility for the body and identifies with the body. When the body breathes, he says, "I am breathing". Ego takes a name, and becomes Mr. such and such and all social relations are acted out by ego. Whereas mind is very daring, ego is very much afraid for death. Whenever any problem comes to the body, ego becomes very alert and remains in the body. And the more there is danger to existence, the more strong the ego becomes. All strength that I have comes from my ego. This part of the ego which gives this strength is called will.

Let us see why they are called Transformational Fields and not Personality. The Mind so linked to the senses is limited by the senses as discussed in January's Newsletter and as such are deemed to get it wrong because the Mind transforms the impressions it gets from the senses based on the limitations of the sense system including the psychic senses and the abilities of the individual to attune to the senses. The Intellect transforms received information and instructions by reference to established or previous learning or experience. New concepts can only be build upon past concepts, it is difficult to step outside our comfort zone, but even harder to make leaps into the dark, consider teaching calculus to a child who has not even master the concept of the times table. The final obstacle occurs with the Ego. Being unwilling to accept principles which are outside our perceived reality or our dreams of what if.

So are our Transformational Fields a purely negative substance to keep us from the Truth. You may be forgiven for thinking so but they are vital to our growth and development as well as the harmonious functioning in our everyday life. The clue is in the name, transform, I am reminded that the computer which I am working with right now is feed by electricity with a potential of 240 volts (UK standard) however the computer would not work at such a high voltage, it requires only 5 to 12 volts, any higher and the computer would just burn up and die. So the first component in the computer is a transformer, this steps the voltage down to something more manageable. In essence the same thing occurs with the Transformation Fields. Remember our sense of sight transforms frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum into images which are recognisable and useful. The same principle works on all levels, Mind, Intellect and Ego.

Mixed Messages.
Because of this transformation and the uniqueness of each one of us, the workings of the Mind, the content of the Intellect and the motivations of the Ego we all receive similar signals in different ways hence we are all wrong and we are all right. Also, as the Transformational Fields are in as constant state of flux, ever changing, so we must constantly be reviewing our ideas and beliefs in the light of our current state, with this information it should be clear that holding on to ideas and beliefs dogmatically, no matter how sound they once seemed, represents a clear bar to development.