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What can Astrology do for you?

Has there ever been a time in your life when everything seemed to be going wrong, when you were thwarted at every turn. This was a time when you were most probably trying to go against the tides of life. For just as there is a time to reap and a time to sow, there is a time for moving forward and a time to consolidate what we have, there is a time to act and a time to wait, a time to give and a time to receive. Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time or even right place wrong time.

Time and space are the essence of Astrology, time as a portion of a cycle and space is your relationship to that cycle. So then we can reduce Astrology down further to a study of cycles. There are many cycles which impinge on our lives, the most obvious is the 24 hour circadian cycle, which is the time taken for the Earth to turn on its axis, to the ancients of course it was the path of the Sun around the Earth. To any romantics observing a sunset or sunrise it is the same. It is also related to many biological functions, we are, it seems locked into our 24 hour cycle, as securely as Saturnalien’s would be locked in to their 10 hour 14 minutes circadian cycle. The other cycle which has a definite biological effect is the Luna or Moon's cycle. Less obvious yet still as powerful are the cycles of all the planets, not only in relationship to the Earth but to each other also, the reason for them being less obvious is because of their complexity.

We are in effect being subjected to hundreds of different cycles all the time, some fast some slow some waxing some waning. To cap it all we have a thing called 'free will' which can really confuse matters. It is my belief that it is the complexity of Astrology which has caused many people to reject it. Scientifically of course it can never be proven, not by current criteria, because we can never isolate these cycles one from another so there can never be a repetition, the Solar cycle which gives us our "Sun Sign's" is continually modified by all the other cycles.

The question then has to be asked. If it is so complex then why bother? Well undoubtedly this is a valid question and in fact we can manage extremely well with out it, as proven by the many successful and happy people in this world who have never given Astrology a second thought. However, when I have looked at the charts for these people you would think that they had not made a move with out consulting Astrology because their lives are pristine copies of their charts, I guess that some people have an inner Astrologer who can read the cycles of life, unconsciously sensing the tides, going with the flow not the crowd. I do not believe that it is because they have a particularly favourable chart it is simply that they unconsciously work with it.

So obviously, you too can be all you are destined to be by simply working with what you already possess, that is working with, not against. Sadly, so many times, it seems that our lives have been arranged for us, we have studied subjects, we were expected to, taken up careers, we were expected to, even entered relationships we were expected to. Not always obvious, most times subtly, usually in denial, but just how much control do you feel you have had over your life.

Astrology then can give you that control. It will help you to see your life with out the tints of social and domestic influences. It will demonstrate, that you have real choices, that you can make. It will light a lamp on the gloom of self-defeat, highlighting your true strengths and natural talents. Far from being deterministic, as some have labelled it, Astrology brings you more choice, more freedom. It will light the road ahead so you will no longer be rummaging about in the dark.

As has been stated Astrology is the study of cycles, the good news is that these cycles are predictable. This gives us the great boon of being able to plan out our lives so much more efficiently. Richard Branson, very successful entrepreneur, not long ago attempted an a round the world balloon flight. It failed, he made his attempt when Pluto was aspecting the point of flight. Every Astrologer knew he would be beset with problems, but Richard would not listen. An attempt was made by someone else a little latter that was successful after the aspect had moved on. A little Astrological planning and he would have been successful in his attempt and saved a considerable amount of money.

Such is the bounty of Astrology, the oldest science yet most inexact science. It is not for those who expect everything on a plate though, because Astrology demands personal responsibility. but it does put you back in the driving seat of your life and provides a map of the area.

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