The Esoteric Order.

Why Astrology is more important now.

Unless you have just emerged from a cave you will know of the deep upheavals going on which affecting everyone on the planet. Credit crunch, major corporations going belly up and scandals exposed at the highest level of business. Not only companies but countries are going to the wall. All around the world we see violent uprisings and demonstrations, everywhere people are demanding freedom, transparency and equality. Global disasters emerge from the worlds oceans, pollution, tsunamis and changing weather patterns. What as Astrology got to do with this? Everything.

In recent years we have seen Pluto the planet of transformation and renewal enter Capricorn the sign of big business, banks, the establishment, the old order and governments. This same Pluto as been in a square aspect to Uranus the planet of rebellion and change which has just entered the Mars ruled Aries. Chiron the guide and teacher has entered Pisces and is delivering his message of 'shape up or ship out' from the seas.

After stirring up trouble in moral, religious Sagittarius for some 13 years, Pluto, ruler of intense Scorpio, dredges up the dirt in a major way no matter where it is transiting. In Sagittarius (1995-2008) it exposed religion, ideology, and morality for what it really is. It also changed our view of travel and danger from abroad. Of course the big event here was terrorism (Pluto) and the whole 9/11 saga.

Pluto is now going through Capricorn and tackle big business, government, and politics. Pluto first enters this sign at 3:45 AM GMT, on January 26, 2008, where it will test the waters, before retrograding back into Sagittarius June 14, 3:47 AM GMT (obviously to take care of unfinished business). Then on November 27, 2008 at 2:06 AM GMT Pluto moves into Capricorn until the spring of 2023.

In Capricorn, Pluto will focus on all the structural aspects of our world and society, from business and government or politics to the way we deal with time, space, career direction, and life purpose. Politically, it will dig up the dirt on nations, groups, or individuals who have been less than forthcoming on their policies or activities and mete out their fate or punishment. Many governments or businesses and their leaders will be brought to account and be eliminated or replaced if need be. If a deep economic recession or even depression is due it will certainly occur during Pluto's transit through Capricorn.

The world of work is changing, after Pluto has completed his journey of disruption through Saturn ruled Capricorn he will move through the Saturn ruled Aquarius, this is when what is left of the economy will really be kicked on to a sustainable level, with big and greedy out of the way Pluto will turn his unforgiving spotlight on society and individualism which will survive? We may finally see a transformation of the internet and the use of computers. One thing is sure and that is that barter is back, we can look forward to a micro economy where people work together for the common good and the growth of societies based on local needs and sustainable resources. It will undoubtedly be painful for most but it needn't be. Watching the cycles of evolution play out on the planet we can use Astrology to chart our own course which is favoured by the forces of change, thereby riding the crest of the wave as opposed to being swept away by it.