The Esoteric Order.

Void of Course Moon.

If you are interested in stacking the cosmic cards in your favor, read on for a simple but powerful technique anyone can use to their advantage.

How can tracking the Moon Void of Course times help me?

Answer: Knowing when the Moon becomes Void of Course is an easy way to begin to watch the effect of the closest heavenly body to earth; the Moon. The Moon becomes void when it's not making any major aspects to the other planets. This happens every few days for a time period ranging from a few minutes to a day or more.

What does this mean?

Simply put, what this means from a practical standpoint, is that anything that is started when the Moon is void of course, doesn't pan out. Starting a new business? Don't make it official until the void period is over. Looking for an engagement date? Avoid the times that the Moon is void if you want to play it safe. One more thing. Don't push the send button on an important e-mail until the Moon void period is over. That is, unless you want nothing to come of it. Fretting over a possible negative outcome for a court case, a health issue or whatever? The void of course definition still applies-nothing comes of it.

Can you override the effect of a void Moon?

Maybe, but be prepared to double your efforts and then hope and pray for the best. Now, I have to tell you, the reverse strategy of starting something important when the Moon is not void doesn't guarantee success. I do know that starting something important when it is void, nearly always holds true; Nothing much happens. I also know that if I can avoid hang-ups and disappointments, that's enough to make me check my calendar.

Moon aspects and Void Moon

Take the time between the Void of Course and the time it enters a new sign End. Moon enters the next sign at and this is the period to watch. Dates are American style mm/dd/yyyy

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