The Esoteric Order.

The Uranus Effect.

(written 20th August 2011)

Many may be wondering why this was not posted earlier, wouldn't it have been better to be forewarned. Answer; not at all, the global effects of Uranus would have been unstoppable and why would we want to stop the march of social evolution. Times of crisis are also times of opportunity, and most times we need a crisis to be able to embrace the opportunity. What is useful about knowing the astrology of a situation is the knowledge gained to enable us to understand and hopefully learn from the situation. To me that is the purpose of astrologer, not to prognosticate or determine ones fate but to help us move in the right direction. What is more important, to know that you are right or to realise that you are wrong. One may be more comfortable than the other but the latter is more productive. This leads to the astrological point which is very often overlooked, if you do not need the lesson, you do not notice the test. If there was nothing wrong, nothing to improve then Uranus and any other planet would run through its cycle unnoticed.

London Riots 2011 Click to enlarge.

I have talked about Pluto moving through Capricorn and the trouble we have landed ourselves in by being found wanting in many areas but as well as this, if this wasn't bad enough, this same Pluto is being aspected by or linked to Uranus and the connection is not a happy one, while Mars came along to stir up even more trouble. Okay it's a Uranus, Pluto Mars T-square. Lets just say Pluto shines the light, Uranus loads the gun and Mars pulls the trigger. This aspect pattern was very tightly linked to the UK chart. So the UK got tested and scored an F-.

There is nothing subtle about any of these planets which is in a way good because at least it gets noticed but what is the lesson, what can we learn from the nightmare scenes played out recently in UK cities. Certainly there has been no shortage of commentary with a wide range of options offered from every one and his dog. What I really want though is what is the astrological lesson.

If we look at the chart of the beginning of the riots it leaves us in no doubt as to what was happening. This chart is so expressive anyone can read it. There are three clear things going on as you can see from the image.

Let us look closer at these aspects by studying the houses concerned.

If you feel these interpretations are somewhat stilted and indefinite that is because it is done on purpose, it is just my style which is aimed at helping people think and arrive at their own conclusions. Let's hope it works.