The Esoteric Order.

Esoteric Services.

The Esoteric Order Mentor Scheme.

One on one consultation, delivering just what you need to know to the level of your choice. We will guide you in your chosen field of study or development, and help you avoid the pitfalls and blocks. Mentoring is a very efficient way of moving forwards with your study and or development. Working on your own can be very difficult, lonely and frustrating as you slip in to blind allies and turn down fruitless paths and taking wrong routes, choosing a Mentor really is the best way forward and will help you be the best that you can be.

Psychic and Spiritual coaching

Subjects include:

  1. Astrology.
  2. Auras.
  3. Psychic reading.
  4. Spiritual Science.
  5. Spiritual Development.
  6. Tarot
  7. Tree of Life.

How much does it cost?

  1. A full one hour consultation is £20.00
  2. A shorter consultation for a single question is £10.00
  3. For the un-waged and struggling we will work for a donation, this must be a serious request from those wanting to turn their lives around.

Mentor sessions are face to face at The Libra Centre. Email me in the first instance to discuss your requirements and discover, without commitment, where we can help.

If you have been on courses or workshops in the past and found they just went over stuff you already knew or got bogged down working on certain individuals in the group, move away and move on, we can provide the help you need, fast and to the point.

Mentoring sessions are not sitting at the feet of some self styled Guru, it is like having a coach who wants you to succeed, wants you to advance and not worried about you overtaking the teacher because we do not teach we coach, we guide, we mentor.