The Esoteric Order.

Working with Cycles.

Working with the Zodiac. The seasonal tides of life offer a way of working with Nature, the Zodiac can be thought of as the moods of Nature, instead of being oblivious to the many cycles in Nature and trying to go against the flow. Reading about the current Zodiac sign will help you tune into the tides of life.

On this website you will find many other simple and straight forward ways of tuning in to the natural cycles which affect every aspect of all our lives.

Virgo ( August 23rd to September 23rd )


The parties over, its time to clean up. The harvest must be brought in. Forethought, caring, and meticulous planning must be brought to the fore now if anything practical is to be achieved. The feeling is of making a contribution which is valued by others here we seek a role where we can feel of value and serve a purpose. Bringing in the harvest means making something useful and practical of past efforts, particularly for the greater good.

To fulfil the virtue of this time we must not waste one kernel of corn, what ever we have achieved or been striving for, this is the time to make sure it does not go to waste. The child of Virgo sees value in everyone and everything; she sees the potential which has to be brought out. This is the real reason behind the Virgo time, it is not to put down but to raise up. Virgo is represented not by an animal but by a human being and a pristine one at that. Locked in Virgo is the true promise of humankind. Harvesting has always been a community effort where we all work together, from the youngest to the oldest, no one is left out, everyone has a job to do a purpose to serve and a role to play. Though our lives are changed with city living and mechanisation the seasonal virtues and lessons are still relevant to each and all no matter where or how we live. What can you do? How can you serve? What is your harvest?

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