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Working with Cycles.

Working with the Zodiac. The seasonal tides of life offer a way of working with Nature, the Zodiac can be thought of as the moods of Nature, instead of being oblivious to the many cycles in Nature and trying to go against the flow. Reading about the current Zodiac sign will help you tune into the tides of life.

On this website you will find many other simple and straight forward ways of tuning in to the natural cycles which affect every aspect of all our lives.

Pisces ( February 19th to March 21st )


Pisces is the last of the winter signs. Physically it can be a time of great stress, particularly when the winter has been a hard one. Each of the so called 'mutable' signs, that is Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius represent transition periods between two conditions or seasons, they are times of preparation and adjustment. During Pisces we are preparing for the spring and this can be as stressful as the day before starting a new job, going to a new school or preparing for a first date. The autumn and winter months are, in a sense, private. That is they are more related to our own personal, inner world of thoughts, feelings and intuitions. During the spring and summer months we are drawn out of ourselves to be once more on stage and we become more removed from the unconscious world within that harbours our creativity. Pisces represents a final stock-taking before stepping out again into the hurly-burly.

New possibilities need to await the right time, this is what Pisces says. Social mores and agreements restrict individual movement, and Pisces teaches us to see that there is more at stake than meets the eye. The bottom drops out of what is known and agreed, fixed, and the void gulps our illusions. Deeper preparation is needed: the thaw is here, but spring is not, yet. We must prepare our ground through soul-searching, listening to greater and subtler things, learning patiently to await our time, when the universe will allow and support our endeavours. A selfless atmosphere prevails, in which we are obliged to accept ourselves as little atoms in a great universe. New vision arises, and an understanding of the fundamental dynamics behind life and its living dawns, for Pisces is a sign of power, root-power, hidden power it is a revelation of the true nature of the mystery of life, if we have the strength to look and see. Calm equanimity, applied timelessness and the quelling of restless urges are what Pisces teaches. Otherwise the alternative is frustration and confusion, helplessness generated through incapacity to see the underlying meaning of things.

If new projects are planned this is the time of fine tuning, if no new projects are planned this can be a time when that little something extra can be added to existing situations which bring new life and new dimensions to our existence, we do however, have to be open for it and keep the focus within for a little while longer otherwise we risk loosing the gift of Pisces. Look within now, what is that flickering spark.

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