The Esoteric Order.

Working with Cycles.

Working with the Zodiac. The seasonal tides of life offer a way of working with Nature, the Zodiac can be thought of as the moods of Nature, instead of being oblivious to the many cycles in Nature and trying to go against the flow. Reading about the current Zodiac sign will help you tune into the tides of life.

On this website you will find many other simple and straight forward ways of tuning in to the natural cycles which affect every aspect of all our lives.

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Sagittarius ( November 22nd to December 22nd )


In times gone by Sagitarius was a necessary social time, the work has been done the nights are long and the days cold, people came together and stayed together longer. The social and family group was bigger and closer than at any time in the year, no one was off hunting or foraging, the home camp was full of people, animals and hopefully fun. But more than just fun and frivolity goes on now, for now people have got the time to sit around together and plan the next seasons, workload, raids or exploits.

Today, we can do the same thing, we can use this time to gather our thoughts our hopes and dreams, from last month in Scorpio and project them into our future. It is a time to make the big decisions the big plans. These are the things which will stave of the mental starvation and it is a good time to learn a new skill or craft but the main focus should be as a follow up from the Scorpionic introspection, the glyph of Sagittarius is the arrow in a bow aimed high.

The usual symbol is the centaur, half man half horse, which symbolises man's conquest and mastery over the basic animal instincts we all share. Sagittarius helps us to do more to aim higher to follow our dream. What now is your dream, your highest ambition, what can you aim for, this is what separates us from the animals, this is why we have evolved so far, are you going to take part in man's natural evolution.

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