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We know by now that our personality is not the true self, so now we need to know that the personality serves a purpose. The trick is to take control of the personality so that it serves that purpose well. To do this we need to recognize that the personality is not singular it is made up of different conflicting sub-personalities.

To start with, look back over the past month or so, can you see the different aspects of your personality. Have you been angry, loving, thoughtful, rash, selfish, selfless? Consider, were you ever angry when you should have been understanding. Do you feel that your reactions are sometimes inappropriate or out of your control?

Consider your personality in different situations. How are you at work, at play? How about when relaxed or under stress? Behaving differently in different situations is not a bad thing, if appropriate but it can be better and I will show you how. The secret is in the term sub-personalities.

Think of your personality not as a singular entity, think of it as a team, your team. Each sub-personality has a role to play in this team; each has its own talents and areas of concern. You are, or should be, the team leader, you can say which sub-personality should be brought to the fore in which situation. And you should be able to hold back unruly sub-personalities which like to go their own way and pop up when not wanted.

The only way to do this, to take charge, to be the boss of this team is to understand each member of your team. The easiest way to do this is with Astrology because each sub-personality can be related to the Planets. However, that is not the only way. Although I love Astrology and have spent years studying it and watching it play out in my life, I know that it is only a tool and is not the only tool. You could use depth psychology or introspection, what will come next is an analysis of the archetypal sub-personalities. This will help you to understand the reasons for each and the functions they perform as well as the dangers when they are misused or are not lead from a central source, which is your true self.