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Start up Dates

The Most Beneficial Thing You Can Do

You are ready to start a new business. You will be investing large amounts of time and energy. You and probably others have a financial stake in the success of your business venture. The most beneficial thing you could possibly do is start your business on an auspicious day conducive to success.

Components of Success.

There are several vital components to a successful start up chart and each is just as important as the rest.

You need the right day for what you are trying to accomplish. If you are in retail, you need the symbolism to be attractive to the general public, conversely if you are in a business to business industry you need the symbolism to be attractive to other businesses. The symbolism for selling electronics is quite different than if you were selling jewellery.
It must be a good day for you and your partners. If you have a lot of difficult or troublesome aspects in your chart at the time of the start up you will carry that energy forward into the business venture.
It must have financial success planetary geometry that has lasting value. You need your revenue streams to be full and abundant. A well crafted start up chart does exactly that.

Some obvious things to watch for.

Make sure that Mercury, Venus, Mars or Jupiter are not retrograde. Retrograde motion turns the qualities of the planet back or inward so with a retrograde Jupiter growth will be inward, that is you may learn a lot but you will not earn a lot. Mercury signifies sales - you cannot just sell to your self, Venus how people value your product - you will love it but will others. Mars is an indication of drive and energy - working hard on your self is good but nothing will happen till you push it outward.
Make sure that the planet and sign associated with the venture is strong in the start up chart. A planet is strong when it is in its own sign, ie, Jupiter in Sagitarius, Mercury in Gemini. If you cannot wait for you main planet to be in its own sign pick a time when it is in a related house such as Jupiter in the 9th or Mercury in the 3rd. Planets and Signs are also strong when close to an Angle ie, the MC or the Ascendant. You should also consider the aspects made by your main planet to other planets which may reduce their strength.
Understand fully the nature of your venture and what you wish to achieve, remember the start up chart will have transits and progressions further down the line. Check that there are no danger signs coming up which may cripple a fledgling business.

A powerful start up chart will give your business a the best possible start and the best chance for success.

Business Astrology by Email

If requesting a start up date include the type of business, place of business and range of dates ie, I need to be operating in 3 months. As this type of work involves much more work, sifting through different dates and times to find the optimum moment to begin, this type is more expensive but still excellent value for money at £50.00