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Spirituality and the Internet

Bringing your own spirituality on to the internet! Think about it. If there are billions of websites, some uplifting some not so, what is the overall balance is the internet a place of peace and harmony, showing the best of humanity, most people would probably say not really, it is very out of balance. But here is the thing every site, every post which is enlightening, uplifting, talks about the virtues of spirituality and connectedness is helping to readjust that balance.

I think of the internet like the Universal Consciousness, what is in there is a reflection of the state of humanity. Look around the internet, what do you see, what do you get, yesterday I got a virus, thanks for that, and no I am not sending you love, if I could I would send you something else. Anyway, the point is if this internet which brought you here and made this website possible, is a measure of the state of humanity, there is something we can do to change the state of humanity and that is create more uplifting spiritual content on the internet.

The idea of you dear reader making profound changes to the Universe may seem a little far fetched but think about it. The whole internet is made up of single pages, it was built a page at a time, several billion pages did not suddenly appear over night and wam there was the internet. People like me and people like you sat down and wrote a webpage and posted it to the world wide web. To keep the idea simple, let us say that there are 10 billion black hat sites and 10 billion white hat sites, 1 page from you is enough to tip the balance. You can make a difference, you are reading this beacuse you have some measure of spirituality some idea of goodness and connectedness, see my article on what is spirituality, so therefore you have something to say, something to offer, something to tip the balance and start a flood of good feelings.

How do you go about it, it really is not that hard, there are free blogging sites like I have a site there myself, Science and Spirituality but to be honest it does not get as much interest as this blog, which I built from wordpress and hosted myself attached to the Libra Centre site which gets the most attention. So if you want to make that difference, if you want to add you two pennies worth and share your spirituality, you can do it via the likes of blogger but to really open the gates you will need a website. How do you go about that, it is not that difficult these days, but beware, the more you need help with it there is a chance you may fall in to the clutches of the black hats, the very ones we are tring to dilute. This is the reason I started Holistic Webspace to help friends who were not being treated right and more importantly to make spirituality a major part of the internet.

I do urge you to play your part, no matter how small and remember I am here to help with advice or guidance see for any help you may need.