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To see without seeing. Scrying (pronounced to rhyme with crying) is a wonderful practice because with it you can literally 'see' the future, not only this but the past and present too. One should remember that though most of the people that will come to you will be interested in the future, the past and present are usually the most helpful periods to examine.

Any reflective surface can be used, the crystal ball, being perhaps the more usual, should be free from flaws, scratches or bubbles. It is not necessary to obtain a perfectly polished flawless crystal, these being out of the range of most people, glass, or even Plexiglas is fine. Despite what people like to believe if you see a crystal ball it is almost certainly glass.

You will need to rest the 'crystal' on a black cloth, black velvet is ideal. This can be placed on your table or used to cover your hands if you wish to hold it. This cloth is to ensure that you are not distracted by anything around the 'crystal' as you gaze into the 'crystal'. A regular convex magnifying glass will work just as well if placed on the black cloth.

You can if you wish make your own Scrying mirror. You will need a piece of flawless glass and you can simply paint the back of it with black enamel paint. Ideally, find convexed glass the type used on old clock faces, after painting place the glass on a frame of your own design. Some turn the glass over to have a concaved mirror, some spend too much time on decorating the frame. To get started right away a glass or bowl of water can be used.

It should be remembered that the Crystal Ball or Scrying Mirror are tools and are not in themselves magical or processing of any qualities. Some people feel that they should charge it by exposing it to the light of the full Moon every month. Some people feel that it should be consecrated with the four elements. There is nothing wrong with any of this, in fact it can be helpful but this may only be on a psychological level, which is much the same with most other ceremonies and rituals, if you like them do them but if you do not then you still need to alter your level of consciousness in some other way. Also, bear in mind that anything you see in the 'crystal* is actually in your minds eye and not captured or created, in the crystal. Others who are not as opened to spirituality as you, will tell you that it is all in your imagination, and they are so right. Imagination means the building of 'images'. What others fail to realise is. the power contained within the imagination.

Now. having acquired your crystal and set it on its black cloth, calm yourself, your body. your emotions and your mind and gaze aimlessly through the crystal, try to adjust your focus so it is about three inches past and through the crystal. Do not stare, do not strain, just allow yourself to aimlessly gaze through the crystal. All we are trying to accomplish at this moment is to feel comfortable and develop the ability to 'see without looking'.

Each persons experience with the crystal is different but do not be frightened the first time you see something, remember the image is in your minds eye and is being projected into the crystal like a film on a screen.

When you are comfortable with your crystal and are able to see. albeit, meaningless, images. When you feel ready, calm yourself, feel yourself filling with divine Love and mentally but truthfully state your motives for doing this work and ask that it be for the most good, wait until you feel good about proceeding.

The next step is to direct your will to a specific purpose, concentrate on what you want to see, what you want to have knowledge about, literally give orders to your subconscious mind. With your conscious mind tell your subconscious mind what you want it to do, give it specific instructions, tell it the question and tell it you want the answer portrayed in the crystal.

Concentrate Before You Contemplate. With your motives cleared and your purpose declared, let go of it completely, go back to that calm gentle gaze through the crystal and allow it to happen allow the images to form before your very eyes.

Like everything else, it takes practice, practice, practice, but I have found that most people can begin to 'see' in a relatively short time. What should be pointed out though, is that it is not a good idea to practice for long periods of time and if you find you are developing eye strain you are not doing it right. Be very careful with your eyes, they are a wonderful gift.

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