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Are you free to be your self or are you working from a script?
This may seem strange but I guarantee that you have several scripts that you live your life by. Some of these scripts may be or probably are, completely out of date yet you keep on using it again and again, even when it hurts. To understand better and to start to re-write these scripts we need to examine our personal views about life, not what we are supposed to think but what do you truly think. If we can do this we can explore or at least get clues to our scripts.

Most of our problems in life stem from faulty scripts; the rules that are running our conscious and unconscious minds. If there is a problem, the entire output of our mind will be skewed and this will affect just about every aspect of our experience of reality. These scripts are stored in our sub-conscious mind and the sub-conscious will accept anything. Think of how weird your dreams are - the sub-conscious does not care about things appearing normal so how do you think it will deal with scripts - it is quite happy to run on the most bizarre scripts and these scripts are running your life.

Who writes these scripts?
Your younger self does. They are ways of understanding or coming to terms with your perceived life experience, they may be inherited from your family or culture they may be ways of working with fears and problems. They do not always come from childhood we can create scripts throughout our lives and they do not have to be congruent, scripts can clash and as most of it goes on sub-consciously it can lead to a real mess that is difficult to sort out and could lead to mental illness.

The mistake we tend to make is trying to fix our problems on the wrong level. We try to change things on the external level; rearranging the circumstances of our life, trying to get life to match up with our personal likes, dislikes and desires — which frankly is a recipe for a lifetime of frustration, because life is not set up that way. The key is to get to the root of our problem on the causal or sub-conscious level. And it invariably has to do with the scripts we’re running in our head. Faulty script = faulty perception, faulty thoughts, faulty beliefs, faulty life.

These faulty scripts can be numerous and manifold. Some examples might include:

* I have rotten luck, everything goes wrong for me

* I’m not good enough

* Other people aren’t to be trusted

* It’s a cruel, dog-eat-dog world

When scripts such as those are running in the background, they influence and determine your experience of life in countless ways. The solution can only be to get to the level of the problem, investigate the scripts you’re running and repair the faulty script. Sure, you’ve probably amassed a whole lot of evidence to justify and ‘prove’ those scripts, but that’s what the mind does (it selectively interprets ‘reality’ in a way that justifies what it already believes). But you have the ability to choose a different, healthier and more productive, resourceful set of beliefs. It takes some persistence and vigilance (if you’ve been running a particular script for a long time, it’s amazing how sneakily it can strive to reassert itself), but it absolutely can be done.