The Esoteric Order.

Relaunch Dates

Has your business struggled from day one?

You have done everything right, you have a great idea, you work hard, you have thrown money at it, but still it just does not seem to get going. Two things may be happening and I have two solutions for you.

Relaunch your business with a new Chart.

If you have looked at the section on Start ups you will know the importance have having a business start at an appropriate time, for the type of business you are in. So what if you did not know about this when you started your business, maybe your business started at a time that was not conducive to success. If this is the case a relaunch is called for, start over with a new birth date, one which is appropriate for your business model and geared to success.

Adjust your business to fit your Chart.

At the commencement of your business venture, there was an alignment of planets which made it easier for certain types of energy and drives to flow and restricted other types of energy and drives. So what if you picked a time when there was certain types of opportunities available to you but you business attempted to use energies and drives which were not well favoured. If this is the case then it may be better to adjust your business approach to play for your natural strengths and move away from a business model which is difficult to sustain, a feeling of constantly swimming against the tide.

Business Astrology by Email

If requesting a start up or relaunch date include the type of business, place of business and range of dates ie, I need to be operating in 3 months. As this type of work involves much more work, sifting through different dates and times to find the optimum moment to begin, this type is more expensive but still excellent value for money at £50.00