The Esoteric Order.

Political Astrology

What role does astrology play in politics.

In these modern, technological and scientific times, very few politicians would consider or at least admit to using astrology. The purpose of this article is to show that politicians are deeply involved in astrology and are in fact the unconscious puppets of the astrological forces which are in play in every sphere of life.

It is felt that some individuals may be able to stand aside from their astrological influences but that the masses do not have this ability and that the mass consciousness is so guided by astrological forces that they could be considered intelligent evolution. The next fact is that while many will complain that politicians never listen to the people, they are in fact ruled by the masses in a direct and an indirect way.

The direct way is through election or revolution, the indirect way is through the influence of the mass consciousness. The more people feel that a particular course of action is needed the more this conscious energy spreads and infects others. It is then that this mass consciousness is directed at the leaders that this will have an effect on the unconsciousness minds and ultimately the conscious mind of the leaders.

The early days of astrology were indeed, almost exclusively devoted to the birth charts of Kings and leaders. Now mundane astrologers play as much attention to the national charts as they due to the leaders charts in seeking to understand the political events which are unfolding in the media. Armed with correct and accurate charts astrologers can also make judgments on the political, cultural and economic trends facing the world.

Clearly an astrological aware politician would be a great asset to his constituents and in today's world of global politics are leaders are more than ever in need of astrological understanding.