The Esoteric Order.

Using New Moons

Clearly there are auspicious times and perfectly horrible times to start your business. Learning to recognize the two phases of the Moon’s monthly cycle, will give you an advantage when it comes to beginning any new business initiative—a successful launch, marketing campaign or new product introduction as examples.

Simply watch the moon. Approximately every 28 days, the moon moves through two phases—for two weeks it appears to be waxing (growing), then for two weeks it appears to be waning (shrinking). If you pay attention you will find the moon is a reliable indicator of either the growth or the difficulties you encounter in the developments of your professional life or in the life of your company. While the moon is waxing, it is a time of activation, while waning it is a time of retraction.

It will prove best to start your business, or any initiative you need to make to advance your business, just after any New Moon. Imagine as you watch the moon grow, you can see your business grow as well. As the moon wanes take stock of your progress, make adjustments, rest up to take up initiatives again with the next new moon.

Successful gardeners and farmers have learned that crops (plants and trees) respond to moon phases.

Going in reverse. If you are trying to rid yourself of something begin your efforts after the Full Moon then you can watch as it, them or whatever, loses power, stop what you are doing prior to the New Moon or they will be back again.

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