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Saturn as a sub-personality.

Mr Prudent.

Ah good old Mr Prudent, always sat in the window watching, watching what you are doing and are about to do. Mr Prudent is generally a doleful fellow, not much fun, very often stopping others having fun. “You can not do that, you are too old to go there, you will fail again, so do not even try.” Yes, Mr Prudent is that voice in your head that put you off makes you afraid and causes you to worry. So why do we need him, lets just ignore him and get on with it, if it was not for him I would have gone for that job or asked for that promotion. I would have taken those risks and who knows maybe life would be so much better now. So goes the inner dialogue with our sub-personality My Prudent.

However, Mr Prudent is a great and loyal ally who far from holding you back wishes for you the greatest success and achievement. He will try to stop you from doing something silly or dangerous, thereby keeping you safe, so that is not a bad thing. He will try to keep you on track to success but will warn against short-cuts which will come back to haunt you in the future. So he is not really a fun guy to be around but without him you would be in a mess.

Listen to him and your life will be better but listen carefully and with an open mind, remember he is there to help. Mostly when people hear Mr Prudent in the background they will try to drown him out and force themselves to carry on thinking that this is just self doubt which I must overcome. Listen more carefully. What you mistake for destructive self doubt is Mr Prudent saying “right if this is what you want we need to plan carefully, not move to fast, get it right and get the job done”.

Mr Prudent could be thought of as the inner parent, self-discipline as opposed to parental discipline. It is interesting that the sub-personality Mr Prudent does not really kick in until about the age of 28 to 30 the age that most would consider maturity begins and there is usually some kind of crises in the life about this time as the person tries to come to terms with this new symbol of authority - themselves.

How well you get along with Mr Prudent is a measure of the success you can expect in your life. Mr Prudent is our teacher and guide but he does not suffer fools gladly. If you ignore Mr Prudent you will pay the price, simply because you are ignoring yourself. It is very difficult to truly know ourselves, what is good for us and what is not but Mr Prudent will teach you, even though his lessens can be hard they are always valuable.

You can get a better relationship with Mr Prudent but it will involve some harsh, home truths. To start making amends and working as a team, look to Saturn in your Birth Chart.