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Mars as a sub-personality.

To kick off our sub-personality series we will begin with Mr Motivator.

Every action has a motivation, even if we do not know what that motivation is. Whatever we do we do for a reason, every action is motivated by something and that something is very often disguised so it is vital that we understand our motivations.

Some will say that a person has an ulterior motive for what they are doing and very often we will have a motivation which is ulterior to ourselves. We need to watch out for these hidden motives for they may not be in our best interests, if we are assuming that we have the best motivations, that we are only concerned with the greater good or that our motives are of a high moral standard. The Mr Motivator sub-personality may not be on board with these high moral standards because he has a job to do and that job is to spur you into action, to do what he feels is in your best interest.

So taking control of Mr Motivator and making him a valuable and useful member of your team is really important to your spiritual growth. Mr Motivator is programmed to be incredibly selfish on your behalf and that is a good thing in the right circumstances. If you are being attacked he will want to defend you, if you are hungry he will want to feed you. This is all well and good but in todays world where we are no longer struggling to survive the ravages of nature in a hostile environment these base drives can become very inappropriate and actually be not in our best interest, Mr Motivator has to be brought into line with the interest of the higher self. If we allow Mr Motivator free reign over our actions we will become a creature of pure instinct and if we are to become a creature of pure spirit then we need to lay down some rules for our Mr Motivator but this is where it gets difficult.

Generally we will place restrictions on ourselves based on what is acceptable behavior, if some one is rude to you, should you punch them in the face, if you see something that would make your life better should you steal it. In this way we say we are becoming civilized and therein we find an awful lot of the problems which confront modern civilization. If we are conscious of societies mores and standards we will only adjust our outward actions but the motivations have not changed.

Remember behind every action is a motive, what is that motive, is it greed, anger, envy. We may not want these motivations and we may deny them, but that does not mean they are not there, hidden or ulterior. We need to constantly ask ourselves, what are our motivations, what is it that is driving us.

It is easy to look at others and see that they may not be genuine, that they may have and ulterier motives. Is your local politician motivated by a sincere drive to serve the community or are they motivated by greed or self advancement, are they there so they can feel good about themselves. What about your neighbours, friends and family, most of us are quite good at discovering hidden motivations, is that because we can see them in ourselves.

Learning about ourselves in this way is a necessary but sometimes painful process. To help with this an astrological analysis of the state of your Mars will prove very helpful.

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