The Esoteric Order.

Using New Moons

Great Beginnings Through the Elements

Now that you know your New Moon Dates, the best two–week periods of 2014 for launching initiatives, let’s be more specific so that your efforts are most rewarded.

Each New Moon appears in one of the four elements. For instance, on April 10, 2013 the Sun and Moon conjoin in Aries, a fire sign. Next, the New Moon on May 9, 2013 appears in the sign of Taurus, an earth sign. Then in an air sign, Gemini and water sign, Cancer. The sequence of Fire, Earth, Air and Water starts over again with a New Moon in Fire (Leo), then Earth (Virgo), Air (Libra) and Water (Scorpio), and so forth.

So during any one-year period you will have three two-week periods, each dominated by one of the four elements. (Credit for the theory of the four elements or goes to Physician/Philosopher Empedocles in his treatise, “On Nature.”) The influence of the elements is well established in Astrology.

How can we apply this knowledge to successful business strategy? As follows:

When the New Moon appears a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), it simply is the best time of the year to initiate any sort of action. Focus on the “spiritual health” of your business. Look ahead to your future goals and vision, re-evaluate your mission statement, catalyze enthusiasm—especially with your sales force—deal with leadership matters, introduce new products or services, travel to see clients face to face, schedule on-line conference calls, especially if you have to "rally your troops."

When the New Moon appears in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), it is the best time of the year to manifest and concretize planned actions. Focus on the physical health of your business—accounting, organizational structure and process, in-house efficiency, investments, health care issues, existing products and services, project schedules, manufacturing changes of processes, operations management (systems, equipment, etc.), purchasing products, materials or services, buying or selling real estate, signing agreements about brick and mortar offices or store-fronts, maintain or repair of facilities, product delivery, shipping services and scheduling contractors.

When the New Moon appears in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), it is the best time of the year to communicate and inspire. Focus on the mental health of your business—administrative (emails, scheduling events especially on line conferences), team building, group brainstorming, promotional activities (hold public events, participate in trade shows), advertising strategies, building alliances, computer purchases, (hardware or software), electronic maintenance, launch your new website, social networking, public relations, writing, speaking, or training, legal matters, negotiations and contracts, marketing strategies, print collaterals and publishing.

When the New Moon appears in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), it is the best times of the year to heal and regroup. Focus on the emotional health of your business—human resources, hiring, firing, issues of power dynamics. Suggestion: Draw a staff power diagram: 1). Who has power in title? 2) Who has power in actuality? Unload the “dead weight,” or anyone who exhibits childish, selfish or manipulative behavior. You want a team of adults working toward the same goal, with the aid of creative arts (web designing, graphic arts, photo shoots), team retreats, group coaching, process work or training, cultural sensitivity training. Address issues of bullying, discrimination, or any unhealthy or dysfunctional group dynamics. Take leaves of absence, sabbaticals, long weekends and initiate flextime.

Also check out the Tides of Life for an understanding of the sign influences of the Sun.

To conclude: In my practice, these guidelines have shown their power to promote business success. Try them on your own. However, at this level of complexity and beyond, the better option for some is to schedule a business consultation with me in which we examine the upcoming astrological cycles in your own chart as well as that of your business. Your business has a birth chart just like you. These dates are important: when the state legally recognized your enterprise, when you opened the door for customers, even when you first were inspired by the idea. The latter is especially recommended for a business that has your own name on the marquee. Your own chart’s transits will have a greater effect than that of your business. See “Premium Services,” on my site, for further details. Or Contact me for details or an appointment.