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The Mind and its Vibrations.

The first thing to note when studying mystical or psychic phenomena is that the body is in essence an electrical machine. All the nervous impulses which happen throughout the body are in fact electrical signals, these electrical signals carry information from the environment both internal and external to the brain, which in turn responds either consciously or unconsciously with more electrical signals back to the environment either internal or external.

A signal or message is not passed in words or indeed pictures it is passed in pulses, differing in strength and more importantly, in frequency. By frequency we mean the rate of change from one polarity to another, from positive to negative, or on some occasions from on to off and back again. All our senses whether sight, smell, touch, taste or hearing are transmitted to the brain by electrical signals of varying frequency, it is in the brain that these frequencies are converted in some instances to sound, vision etc. When you see a friends face what really happens is that different frequencies of light or the electromagnetic spectrum strike the special nerves at the back of the eye which then send electrical signals to the brain which correspond to the frequencies and intensity of light they received. It is in the brain that these signals are converted, via memories to the visual and emotional recognition of your friend. When you recognise your friend you will automatically have thoughts which are connected to what you know or feel about your friend. Some of these thoughts will be sent to various parts of the body and physiological responses will occur such as dilation of the pupils or feelings of happiness or embarrassment.

You should note though that with any varying electrical signal such as a thought or a telephone call, whether it is passed through a wire or nerve, a corresponding signal is transmitted beyond the confines of the wire or nerve and is sent through the air as a wave which can be picked up by equipment which is finely tuned to such frequencies as in radio, television, cell-phones or any other device of today's technology. So the thoughts that you supposedly had in your head do not stay in your head, if this were not true then you would not be able to watch television or listen to the radio, the same principle is involved in a multitude of other electronic equipment. Consider that well, every thought you have is transmitted to the cosmos.

  • Is it possible that those thoughts will be detected by or affect those around you?
  • Is it possible that those thoughts will cause changes in the environment?

These are the first questions which must be answered by anyone seeking to understand their world and develop their psychic powers. Many people have gone astray by noting this fact and then without any further investigation gone on to make wild speculations about the nature of psychic phenomena, and the hidden powers of mankind. In the coming months we will explore this theme in greater detail.