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I usually feel really good about things. However, sometimes I get thoughts (on a deeper level) that one might never imagine a positive person like me thinking, and they are possibly more negative than anything I thought of before my self-study.

Don't fight this new awareness. The wrong parts of us tell us that a "good" person doesn't have dark thoughts. This causes us to resist the state, which in turn breathes life into it. This is how we fall into the hands of negative states. It is trickery. Learn to watch everything and judge nothing. Stay quiet. All self-harming states must come and go if you will work at this. Lastly, in the light of these lessons, consider Christ's instructions to his disciples that they "resist not evil."

Ordinary self-help advice encourages you to overcome "bad" thoughts using "good" thoughts. But this answer makes it clear: Overcoming "bad" thoughts with "good" thoughts is really an unseen act of resistance! And by resisting "bad" thoughts, you unknowingly strengthen their power over you!

Love and light

Because of my inner work, I had this spiritual moment beyond description. I felt as though I was riding a wave of emotion that turned into an ocean of love. For a few days, I was as happy as any soul could have hoped to be. Then my bliss faded until I was just with me again. Now I want to go back! I keep asking why this happened to me and how I can return to paradise, but I'm lost. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

As difficult or unwanted as this may sound, we have to let go of our memories of any higher states of oneness with God. If we don't, we only wind up pursuing an image; and pleasurable as those past pictures and corresponding feelings may be, they get in the way of our entering the sanctuary of reality, where the oneness we seek is awaits us. Give up the painful questions like why this happened to you. The you that is asking is not the Real You at all. If you remember your glimpse, for practical purposes, the beauty of it was that there was no you within that moment as you presently feel yourself now.

Love and light

Yes, I was wondering how does a person live in this world and still maintain their ideals. It seems the minute you expound a spiritual way there is something thrown at you and it is really hard to continue with your ideals.

So what is the answer Mabon I really want to know. Sally

The simple answer is that it is supposed to be that way, a wise man once said 'with fire we prove the gold, with gold we prove the fire'. Another saying comes to mind, I don't know where it came from, 'talk is cheap'.

To expand on this Sally, we are all tested, not to prove our good intentions to the Cosmos but to prove it to ourselves. If all there was to spiritual and personal growth was to simply say something then we would all be very advanced beings however it would all be built on sand, if I may paraphrase.

When we say something like; 'we are all Gods children and I love everyone'. It is as though the Cosmos answers back with, 'Well, how much do you actually mean that? Do you really understand the full implications of that? How are you going to put that into practice? In short you are tested, not by some smug self-righteous god trying to prove you wrong. No! by a Cosmos that wants you to grow and demonstrate to you the next step along the way. So being viewed in that way the things you say are thrown at you are really a good thing.

One more point Sally, consider the path of life as spiralling up a mountain, the spiritual path is straighter which means it is shorter but a lot steeper and harder. The wonderful thing about it is though, you are free to choose your own path. You can go down as well as up, you can stay where you are, you can amble about aimlessly, take a steady gradient or you can choose a more direct route, but be warned the straight and narrow path is incredible steep and filled with pitfalls.

I hope this helps Sally, if you have anything further then please write back anytime. I will be posting this on the site as I feel there is a lot of people out there how feel or have felt the same way that you do.

Love and light

I am very curious about guides and how they work and if there are different types of guides. I was at your web site looking at the aura section. We had an alternative health fair and this is the second year I have had my aura photographed. My aura has a lot of white and violet in it but hovering over the left of me is a pin prick of pure white, like someone put a small stone on the page coloured it then the stone fell off leaving this very vibrant dot of energy. Last year when I had this done they said they had never seen it before and they thought it might be some type of guide. I thought maybe a flaw in the picture but sure enough I have that same dot of energy floating above me to the left with this year's photo. They also said I had a very large aura and at the very top of my aura is a deep blue and you can see 3 distinct balls of darker blue, they are much much larger. They said these were also guides. I was wondering if there we different kinds of guides. The closest I can come to explaining my picture is using aura photo 4, replacing the black at the top with royal blue the lighter coloured red with white and the darker coloured red with violet. (ring of blue, ring of white, ring of violet). I guess you don't really need all this info but it couldn't hurt. If you could point me off in a direction to research I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your time and for allowing me to enjoy your website.

The phenomenon you are talking about is actually quite common and yet at the same time it may well turn out to be a flaw in the photograph, you see the equipment was never designed to display images of guides and many other strange phenomenon which we have witnessed on numerous occasions. However, that does not negate the effect.

Let us first examine the idea of guides. Everything, (as I keep saying and everyone should know by now,) is vibrations, our entire visible world is nothing more than our brains feeble attempt at interpreting the vibrations it is able to detect. We though have a very limited ability to detect vibration and therefore have a very limited perception of reality, some people have a greater range than others but it is still extremely limited. We only recognise those phenomenon which are vibrating at a frequency which we are capable of detecting, but what of all those phenomenon which are vibrating faster or slower than can normally be detected. The Universe is incredibly more populated than we could know, when we take also the fact that different frequencies can occupy the same space at the same time, the mind goes into overload just thinking about the infinite possibilities. It has been said that the brain is actually more of a filter than anything else and this idea certainly has merit, for I feel that we would not be able to cope with a much larger image of reality, the complete picture is perhaps beyond our conception all together.

However let me fight my way back. The existence of guides is not a verifiable fact, the possibility of guides is indisputable. The evidence of guides is overwhelming and my version of the truth accepts guides wholeheartedly. Are there different guides? I would say yes, after all you would not expect a doctor to mend roads anymore than you would expect a priest to give you legal advice. I would suggest also that as well as having different functions they have different natures, abilities and methods.

We see five distinct types of guides, for want of a generic term.

  1. Birth guide: these are very common and are found on the top left of the aura, this is in the shape usually of three connected blobs the central one being larger. It is felt that this guide is with you through out you life and comes with a blue print of your true potential.
  2. Specialist helpers: these are found on the top right of the aura and usually consist of one single blob of colour, there may be several of these at one time. These little fellows are felt to be called by the birth guide to assist in the implementation of your divine plan.
  3. Carer's: these are usually on the left side about level with the head and are small gentle glows of colour, usually pink. This indicates the presents of a loved one who has passed over showing their love for you.
  4. Sprite's: these are found anywhere in the aura and consist of tiny specks of white light. These are not harmful, though I do not think they are particularly helpful in terms of spiritual growth, they do tend to add a sense of fun and giddiness to the people whose aura's they inhabit. If these are present, do not worry about them just enjoy them.
  5. Un-named: Sometimes we find that the face of the person is dramatically transformed, and definitely display the features of someone else. In all the case which I have witnessed this, though it is not very often, I have found the person to be completely at home with the image and have felt that there is someone with them all the time that is using them to perform some task on this planet. To me it is a form of possession, however, because all the people I have met who have had this phenomenon are very okay with it I suspect that the beings who work in this manner only choose willing souls and I am sure they are rewarded.

As for pointing you of in the right direction, well, there are many 'meet your guides', 'meet your angels', 'meet your uncle and all your strange cousins' books but they all tend to say the same thing and that is basically, ask them, meditate, quieten things down, ask them to come and speak. There is a lot more to it than that but the books will not tell you anymore than that. What I would like you to realise is that because things have shown up on your photograph means that they are there and ready to speak to you, indeed sometimes I feel that they take the opportunity of the photograph to pass on messages to you so you may want to use it during meditation, de-focus and aimlessly stare through the photograph using it has a kind of Scrying tool.

The main thing and perhaps ultimately the only thing you need to do is, listen to your self, we all receive prompting's all the time but usually we are to busy to notice them or if we do, then we ignore them. A point to note is that the more you act on your hunches, intuition, guidance, the more they will come. If you wish to communicate with your guides then the first job is to convince them that you are willing to listen. Think about it, if you were trying to speak to someone how never stopped what they were doing, if they never stopped talking themselves, if they never acted on your advice, what would you do?

I hope this helps
Love and Light

Please Note
As the above was a general question about guides and was felt to be of general interest we felt compeled to answer. However, we do not give interpretations or make comments of other peoples work, this is felt to be unethical. If you are a client of ours and you have had a photograph taken by us and paid for the analysis yet still have further questions then we will answer you gladly and speedily. If you have questions about photographs taken by others then I suggest you contact them. It may seem hard and ungiving but there are other types of camera and other types of film even if you offered to pay huge sums of money we could not do it. If you wish to have an analysis of your aura photograph given by us then you have to have a photograph taken by us.