The Esoteric Order.

Jail Break

When considering the problem of overcrowding in jails from an astrological perspective we would look to the 12th house, which is ruled by Pisces which in turn is ruled by Neptune, is it any wonder that drugs play a major role in this problem.

From this one would initially think that there should be a spiritual answer to this problem given the spiritual connotations of the 12th, Pisces and Neptune and sure enough many would be lost souls ( I do not believe I just wrote that ) have turned their lives around by receiving a goodly dose of religion. However, religion is not the only form of Spirituality nor is it the safest. However, the idea that Jesus or Allah loves you can be very enticing to someone who perhaps does not feel loved by anyone, a more than common feeling in the isolation of the 12th house.

So would the answer really be more religious education in prisons, I think it may but I doubt it would be accepted by the mainstream, and probably would even effect their 'Human Rights' not to mention the fight for Souls by the major religions, which one would you choose. No we would need a broader brush, one which will answer their continuing needs. How many  times have we witnessed the conversion of one lonely Soul only to drop out when they find some temporary love of another individual.

So some form of Spiritual and personal development which will start them on a journey for life and renewal. Do we have the resources for such an undertaking? Of course we do the voluntary sector is teaming with people only to willing to help. But what is the skill set of those willing to undertake the task of rehabilitation. I think this needs to be looked at first.

Would the authorities take this on, no way, how could a bunch of do gooders achieve what the professionals cannot. Oh the hubris of it.

The USA chart has Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th, ruled by Pluto which is in the 2nd house of values, I would surmise jails in the USA to be quite dark and frightening places with the majority of the public thinking that is the way it should be. The UK chart has Aquarius on the 12th ruled by Uranus with Pluto and the Moon in it, a lot more humanity but still an unpleasant and dangerous place while the public would like to hide away from the issues.

Whats to be done, USA and UK could concentrate on depth, transformational psychology, which is a lengthy and expensive therapy which means that it would only be available to the long term prisoners who would be much harder work generally because of the slip down a longer road. What would be better is an inducement to therapy provided outside of prison and as an alternative to prison if safety of the public is not an issue. It could run along side community service.

Maybe it will fly, what do you think.