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Making it easy.

One of my favourite mantras and the one that has got me through some very difficult times is "If it ain't hard it ain't worth doing." this has encouraged me when I am called upon to do something that I really do not want to do, usually because I feel I am not up to it. The idea behind it is that if it is hard it is no doubt stretching me and making me more capable and more than I am. Fear of failure is one way of making it hard, that is, it is not hard but because I believe I cannot do it or that I am not very good at it, it will become hard because I have deemed it so.

It really is amazing how easy it is to mess up our lives with just the power of our mind but when it comes to making our life better, it is really hard and requires constant and repeated effort. Make some thing bad, easy. Make something good, hard. If that sounds stupid, daft or unlikely, that is because it is. It is just as easy to make something good happen as it is to make something bad happen, in fact it is probably easier.

Years ago when I was experimenting with the "Secret", the "Law of Attraction", "Manifesting", all that guff which was just an up-sell of Norman Vincent Peale's (May 31, 1898 - December 24, 1993) "The Power of Positive Thinking" first published in 1952. That's right there is nothing new in this stuff. Any way, I tried everything I devoted a considerable amount of time to it, in truth, more time that what was good for me, for while I was busy trying to make my life better, it was actually falling apart around me. Until.

One day I suddenly said, 'What would happen if I wanted what They wanted?'. Oh heck! something big just happened. I felt it with every fibre of my being, I no longer had to worry about anything. Now, even though I had set my self up for a life time of service and willingly would I accept my lot and do whatever They wanted me to do, to achieve what They wanted. This turned it on its head. I was no longer thinking me, me, me. I no longer wanted riches beyond compare. I wanted what They wanted.

Then an amazing thing happened, I discovered that what They wanted was actually what was best for me and that was good enough for me. Now I am content and happy and that is something that is not bought with riches. I joke sometimes that I wished, not to be filthy rich but to have enough money not to have to worry about it. Now I still have no money but I do not worry about it, so I got my wish.

Here is the truth. If what you want is what They want then They will be on your side and you need do nothing else to encourage that. If what you want is not what They want then you can recite all the mantras and prayers you like, you can cast spells, you can call on any spirit you like, you are still on your own. But remember, what They want definitely includes you being happy

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