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The Libra Centre is clearing all stock from its premises in Penmaenmawr hence the super low prices on our books some of which are rare and hard to find.

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Tarot AbecedarianA. R. Naylor
TarotA. T. Mann
Breaking the rulesA.D. Askew
Wicca for couplesA.J. Drew
Devil Worship in BritainA.V. Sellwood and Peter Haining
Emotional HealingAcorn Book
Dream HealerAdam
Moon Lore and Moon MagicAl Manning
Dancers to the godsAlan Richardson
Gate of the MoonAlan Richardson
Esoteric AstrologyAlice Bailey
Fight FatAlisa Bauman
Angelic YearAmbika Wauters
Angel Blessing StampsAmbika Wauters
Exploring ScryingAmbrose Hawk
True Love TarotAmy Zerner and Monte Farber
The Celts - Artists and storytellersAncient Cultures
Dictionary of the CeltsAncient Worlds
Water CrystalsAndreas Schulz
Healing through mirthAndrew Boorde
On the shores of endless worldsAndrew Tomas
We are not the firstAndrew Tomas
Swirling HarvestAndy Thomas
Psychological ZodiacAngela Arnold
Gold and Silver Guardian AngelsAngela McGerr
The tarot handbookAngeles Arrien
The Chakra Energy PlanAnna Selby
Every wall a doorAnne Dooley
Herbs for common ailmentsAnne McIntyre
Live Better Ashtanga YogaAnton Simmha
The Fairy TarotsAntonio Lupatelli
Numbers for loversArlene Fitzgerald
Native American TraditionsArthur Versluis
Experiential AstrologyBabs Kirby
The Cosmic Deck of InitiationBarbara DeLong
Cosmic ordering serviceBarbel Mohr
Loving; Laughing and LivingBarney Camfield
Nature CureBelinda Grant
Understanding YogaBelinda Leith
About HerbsBenedict Lust
Fixed StarsBernadette Brady
Heaven and hearthBeverly Pagram
Kahuna magicBrad Steiger
HoroscopesBrian Innes
The TarotBrian Innes
The essence of kabbalahBrian Lancaster
The Unseen SelfBrian Snellgrove
Gardener's MagicBridget Boland
Green dreamsBridgit Gweir
The Practical PendulumBruce Copen
What Radiesthesia isBruce Copen
Electronic Homoeopathic Medicine Bruce Copen
Better MemoryBruno Furst
Return of the GoddessBurleigh Muten
Uriels MachineC. Knight & R. Lomas
Secret magic spells of the romany gypsiesC. McGiolla Cathain
Passionate SoulCaitlin Mattthews
The GoddessCaitlin Mattthews
GemstonesCally Oldershaw
Exploring the tarotCarl Japikse
Whole body healingCarl Lowe; James Nechas
Dreams form cosmic mindCarl Nagel
The energized money, love and youthCarl Nagel
The astrology of rising signsCarl Sargent
Tales of powerCarlos Castaneda
Medicine Woman TarotCarol Bridges
Spider WomanCarol Patterson-Rudolph
AstrologyCarole Golder
Make the most of your sun signCarole Golder
The healing power of crystalsCass Jackson
Tarot talks to the Woman WithinCassandra Eason
Healing with ShiatsuCatherine Sutton
The Da Vinci Enigma TarotCatlin Matthews
Faerie KingdomCelia Haddon
Yoga for weight lossCelia Hawe
Principles of astrologyCharles Harvey
AradiaCharles Leland
KabbalahCharles Ponce
Chero's book of numbersCheiro
You and your handCheiro
Live Better ShiatsuChris Jarmey
Advice from AngelsChrissie Astell
Money signsChristeen Skinner
CrystalsChristina Rodenbeck
The Wisdom of BuddhismChristmas Humphreys
Test your emotionsChristopher Markert
Freedom of the spiritChristopher Titmuss
Are you smarter than you thinkClaire Gordon
Love spellsClaire Nahmad
Cat spellsClaire Nahmad
Live Better Flower EssencesClare Harvey
Compassionate TouchClyde Ford
Astrology WorkbookCordella Mansall
Cosmic Voice issue 24Cosmic Voice
The celtic tarotCourtney Davis
Complete HerbalCulpeper
Complete HerbalCulpeper
Common Plants as Natural RemediesCynthia Wickham
Elemental magickD.J. Conwy
Falcon Feather and Valkyrie SwordD.J. Conwy
HomeopathyDana Ullman
Tarot DAmourDaniels Kooch N. & Daniels Victor
Learn to MeditateDavid Fontana
Everyday MiraclesDavid Spangler
The Viscott MethodDavid Viscott
Nice girls book of naughty spellsDeborah Gray
The Goddess SpeaksDee Poth
The way of the wizardDeepak Chopra
The Laws of healing and mental treatmentDenis Allard
Faery GuideDenise Whichello Brown
The Smart SpotDia North
The Complete Book of PredictionDiagram Group
Angel InspirationDiana Cooper
The Web of LightDiana Cooper
Bone BoostersDiana Moran
Mother Wit a guide to healing and psychic developDiane Mariechild
Crystal VisionsDiane Mariechild
Reflexology TodayDoreen Bayly
Natural MagicDoreen Valiente
Magical UnicornsDoreen Virtue
Goddesses and AngelsDoreen Virtue
Scorpio risingDouglas Baker
Esoteric AstrologyDouglas Baker
Secret RemediesEarl Mindell
The Power of NowEckhart Tolle
Magical rites from crystal wellEd Fitch
Understanding MassageEddie Caldwell
The Magic of PinsEdimind
Dictionary of the best tips and secrets for betterEditors
Home remedies for womenEditors
Our Bodies OurselvesEditors
Home remediesEditors
Crystal HealingEdmund Harold
Pebble PolishingEdward Fletcher
Connolly Tarot DeckEileen and Peter Paul Connolly
The Wicca HandbookEileen Holland
The Wisdom of the TarotElisabeth Haich
The Lighthouse of truthElizabeth Raikes
White magic for everyoneElizabeth Swift
Boost your body's energyEmma Mitchell
Incantations and words of powerEric Maple
Astrology a psychological approachEve Jackson
Complete Book of Tarot SpreadsEvelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig
Jesus and Christian originsF.F. Bruce
Be your own life coachFiona Harrold
Healing crystals and gemstonesFlora Peschek-Bohmer
Classical LivingFrances Bernstein
Sir George TrevelyanFrances Farrer
PendulumFrancis Hitching
Techiniques of high magicFrancis King Stephen Skinner
Man and the UniverseFrancisco Coll
How to understand the tarotFrank Lind
The opening of the third eyeFrank McGillion
Crystal VisionFrater Achad
The Sharper MindFred Chemow
The Hand and the HoroscopeFred Gettings
Effective speaking and writingFull Course
Conversations with DogG. M. Thompson
A Witches GrimoreGavin Frost
Moon Astrology for LoversGeary Michael
Reflexology & complementary TherapiesGeddes & Grosset
Guide to HomeopathyGeddes & Grosset
Living WitchcraftGelie Duncan
The Gendron TarotGendron; Melanie
Camelot and the vision of albionGeoffrey Ashe
The healing crystalGeoffrey Keyte
The Curious Lore of Precious stonesGeorge Kunz
Enochian TarotGerald & Betty Schueler
Witchcraft TodayGerald B Gardner
Shortcuts to godGerald G. Jampolsky
A Wiccan's guide to prophecyGerina Dunwich
Introduction to BuddhismGeshe Kelsang Gyatso
The Enchanted TarotGiacinto Gaudenzi
Your Inner Secrets ExposedGilbert Oakley
Total MassageGill Tree
A Handbook on WitchesGillian Tindall
The Jewel in the LotusGrace Cooke
AstrotherapyGregory Szanto
The Astrology FileGunter Sachs
Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol 1Gurudas
The Unknown PowerGuy Playfair
The magic of AromatherapyGwydion O'Hara
Light on LifeH; Defouw and R; Svoboda
Inside WitchcraftHans Holzer
Heal yourself with crystalsHazel Raven
The Path to Peace WithinHelen Janamit
The Celtic Luna ZodiacHelena Paterson
The Zodiac explorers handbookHelene Hess
Bible and the Tarot. TheHeline. Corinne
Ling-ZhiHelmut Ivo
The Tree CalendarHilary Llewellyn-Williams
New Perspectives YogaHoward Kent
Colour your lifeHoward Sun
Dictionary of Bach Flower RemediesHyne Jones
The finance secrets hanbookIain Maitland
More messages from the AngelsIrene Johanson
Stalking the wild pendulumItzhak Bentov
An Occult History of the World Vol IJ. H Brennan
Experimental MagicJ.H. Brennan
Astral Projection WorkbookJ.H. Brennan
Proven remediesJ.H. Oliver
Learning Ritual MagicJ.M. Greer
Teach yourself RelaxationJames Hewitt
Tarot tells the taleJames Ricklef
Twelve raysJames Sturzaker
The Thirteenth ZodiacJames Vogh
Intuition @ workJames Wanless
Total DetoxJane Scrivner
The Witches' WayJanet & Stewart Farrar
The new natural pregnancyJanet Balaska
Progressive WitchcraftJanet Farrar
Quest for Dion FortuneJanine Chapman
AstrologyJanis Huntley
Heavenly PenniesJean-Michel Kermadec
Woman as HealerJeanne Achterberg
Teach Yourself AstrologyJeff Mayo
Live Better AromatherapyJennie Harding
Live Better Chakra TherapyJennie Harding
Ceremonies of the seasonsJennifer Cole
Essential AromatherapyJenny Plucknett
Nine modern day musesJill Badonsky
Many LifetimesJoan Grant and Denys Kelsey
Astrology the sacred scienceJoan Hodgson
Wisdom in the starsJoan Hodgson
New Trends in Modern AstrologyJoan McEvers
Spirit MapsJoanna Arettam
Understanding AromatherapyJoanna Trevelyan
Herbs and AromatherapyJoannah Metcalf
The dream workbookJoe Friedman
The Astrological ManagerJohn Alexander
Swedish MassageJohn Harris
The Mystic CrailJohn Matthews
Anam CaraJohn O'Donohue
Mystical and Sacred SitesJohn Spencer
The Psychic ExplorerJonathan Cainer & Carl Rider
Tarot an illustrated guideJonathan Dee
FirewalkJonathan Sternfield
Healing through meditationJose Pogson
A modern mystic speaksJoseph Busby
AffirmationsJoy Burling
The Subtle SelfJudith Blackstone
AromatherapyJudith Jacksone
The Cards of Winds and ChangesJudith Pintar
Past Life AstrologyJudy Hall
Bach Flower Remedies Step by StepJudy Howard
Watkins Dictionary of AngelsJulia Cresswell
The Numerology WorkbookJulia Line
Guide to the Bach flower remediesJulian Barnard
Tarot of the Celtic HeartJulian de Burgh
Do Dreams come trueK. Chodkiewicz
How to fine your inner priestessKala Trobe
The seven secrets for an easy lifeKarel Legan
How to develop and use your psychic powersKarina Leigh
Amazing crystal powerKate Richardson
Character and fateKatharine Merlin
TarotKathleen McCormack
On finding treasureKathy Jones
Crystal HealingKatrina Raphaell
Virtual MedcineKeith Scott-Mumby
Cause; effect & treatmentKen Gillemo
Crystal PowerKen Taylor
Early Heaven OracleKen Taylor
Relax your way to a stress free lifeKennedy
Frauds Myths and mysteriesKenneth Feder
The Wheel of Engaged BuddhismKenneth Kraft
The New way to multiply mind powerKenneth Sands
Hand and Foot ReflexologyKevin & Barbara Kunz
Soul SignsKevin Todeschi
Book of Herbal BeautyKitty Little
Native American MandalasKlaus Holitzka
Rock CrystalKorra Deaver
Tarot. A beginners guide.Kristyna Arcarti
Gems and crystalsKristyna Arcarti
The Breathwork experienceKylea Taylor
Ki Energy for EverybodyL. Taylor & B. Bryant
Exploring WiccaLady Sabrina
Space time and medicineLarry Dossey
Herbs; health and astrologyLeon Petulengro
SolutionsLesley Cameron-Bandler
An Astrological Guide to your childLeticia Parmer
Vision UnlimitedLilla
Feng Shui Eight easy lessonsLillian Too
Dreaming with ArchangelsLinda Miller-Russo
Visions and Dreams Divine DeckLinda Sue and Donna McCary-McCusker
The art of tarotLiz Dean
Witch amongst usLois Bourne
Heal your bodyLouise Hay
Gifts of unknown thingsLyall Watson
SupernatureLyall Watson
Life Plan AstrologyLyn Birbeck
Everyday YogaLyn Marshall
Everyman's astrologyLyndoe
The Key to Astral projectionM. Tyran
Yoga for health and vitalityM.J. Kirschner
The TarotMacGregor Mathers
The Barefoot HomoeopathMadeleine Harland
Aromatherapy for WomenMaggie Tisserand
Ten percent solutionMarc Allen
Healing with AstrologyMarcia Starck
Vital PowerMarcus Bottomley
Christmas Customs and folkloreMargaret Baker
Discovering the folklore of plantsMargaret Baker
The goddess guide to loveMargie Lapanja
The Living GoddessesMarija Gimbutas
Brain PowerMarilyn Vos Savant
Healing with the horoscopeMaritha Pottenger
The potent threesomeMark Hamilton
Putting the Tarot to WorkMark McElroy
Exorcism: Fact not Fiction.Martin Ebon
Colour therapyMary Anderson
Tarot transformationMary Greer
Universal Waite Tarot DeckMary Hanson-Roberts Pamela Colman Smith
The Hidden Messages in WaterMasaru Emoto
SpellsMathew Green
The Handbook of self healingMeir Schneifer
The Messianic LegacyMichael Baigent
How to heal yourself .. Foot acupressureMichael Blate
A Blue Knight rides outMichael Britter
Balance your lifeMichael Hinz
The Riches of RaMichael Leppier
Dream interpretationMichele Simmons
Spell; ceremonies and magicMigene Gonzalez-Wippler
Celtic Myth and LegendMike Dixon-Kennedy
The Magical MenagerieMike Leslie
Culinary and medicinal herbsMinistry of Agriculture; fisheries and food
How to use YogaMira Mehta
Exploring the world of the druidsMiranda Green
ShamanimMircea Eliade
The Warrior WithinMoore & Gillette
Quest for Zero Point EnergyMoray King
Snow melting in a silver bowlNancy Cunningham
Yoga for magickNancy Wasserman
Practical Solitary MagicNancy Watson
Initiation into the TarotNaomi Ozaniec
Illustrated Guide to TarotNaomi Ozaniec
Muses and FatesNigel Pennick
Secret Signs; Symbols and SignsNigel Pennick
BeginningsNigel Pennick
How to find the correct remedyNoel Puddephatt
HerbalismNon Shaw
Mind PowerNona Coxhead
Cosmic TarotNorbet Losche
The armour of lightOlive Pixley
Dea the rites and mysteries of the GoddessOlivia Robertson
Rite of rebirthOlivia Robertson
Ordination of a priestessOlivia Robertson
The Isis Wedding RiteOlivia Robertson
Cosmic Moral LawOmraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Caballa MagicOphiel
Creative VisulizationOphiel
British Journal of maatOrdo Occultus Dea
The Authentic YogaP.Y. Deshpande
Wake up and dreamPat Mesiti
HeadachesPat Thomas
An Enchanted LifePatricia Telesco
The AvaloniansPatrick Benham
Whispers in the darkPaul Henderson
PhotoReading Whole Mind SystemPaul Scheele
Express TelepathyPaul Summers
The Devil and Miss PrymPaulo Coelho
The forces of destinyPenny Thornton
Astrology the evidence of sciencePercy Seymour
In search of the green manPeter Hill
Healing through deliverancePeter Horrobin
No more secondhand artPeter London
Medical EncyclopediaPeter Wingate
The Druid Animal OraclePhilip and Stephanie Garr-Gomm
Celtic Mysteries in New EnglandPhilip Imbrogno
Watkins Dictionary of SaintsPhilip Noble
What we may bePiero Ferrucci
Haindl Tarot I. ThePollack; Rachel
Haindl Tarot II. ThePollack; Rachel
Heal your Spirit; Heal yourselfPrema Dorjee
Wicca Ancient Feminine MagicPriya Hemenway
Dragons and Fabulous BeastsProspero's Library
Creative AstrologyPrudence Jones
Voices from the circlePrudence Jones
Magnetic HealingPsychic research company
Living World of FaeryR.J. Stewart
The body of the goddessRachel Pollack
The Book of RunesRalph Blum
Medicine Mythology and SpiritualityRalph Twentyman
Urban PrimitiveRaven Kaldera
A Secret meeting in RomeRaymond Bernard
Strange EncountersRaymond Bernard
The invisable empireRaymond Bernard
AromatherapyRaymond Lautie
Waiting for the masterRaymund Andrea
The Mystic PathRaymund Andrea
You and your heartReaders Digest
The Stress FactorReaders Digest
Mind to MindRene Warcollier
Frogs into PrincesRichard Bandler
GraphologyRichard Craze
Grails Quests of dawnRichard Gilliam
YogaRichard Hittleman
The magic of healingRichard Lawrence
DepressionRichard Petty
The illuminati conspiracyRichard Rees
Tarot and YouRichard Roberts
Pagan ResurrectionRichard Rudgley
Judgement of jupiterRichard Tilms
Mapping the MindRita Carter
Good HandsRobert Bahr
The Mysteriou UnknownRobert Charroux
The four gold keysRobert Clarke
BiocentrismRobert Lanza with Bob Berman
DowsingRobert Leftwich
Memory made easyRobert Montgomery
The Art of AromatherapyRobert Tisserand
The Robin Wood TarotRobin Wood
My secrets on how to become rich at willRochelle Gordon
Astrology and the Royal FamilyRodger Elliot
AstrologyRonald Davison
Power SpotsRosa and Altman
Healing with ReflexologyRosalind Oxenford
Angels Oracle CardsRossano Stefanin
Eat to beat cancerRosy Daniel
Flowers and Herbs of LoveRoy Genders
Astrology in everyday lifeRupert Gleadow
Stress an the sun signsRupert Sewell
The secret is in the rainbowRuth Berger
Kindred Spirit; Kindred CareS. F. Nakaya
Mysteries of time and spaceS. Webb
The essential colourlessness of the absoluteS. Y. Saraswati
Love magicSally Morningstar
How to achive total enlightenmentSam Martin
Samantha's OraqleSamanther Hardie
CenteringSanders Laurie
The Supple BodySara Black
Live Better RelaxationSarah Brewer
Moon SignsSasha Fenton
The Circle is SacredScout Cloud Lee
Maria Shaws Star GazerShaw; Maria
AstrologySheila Geddes
Beyond Reiki - Eternal LightShimara Kumara
Live Better Crystal TherapyShirley O'Donoghue
Aromatherapy WorkbookShirley Price
Practical AromatherapyShirley Price
10 Minute KabbalahShoshanna Cohen
The divinity of manSpencer Lewis
Are you ready to succeedSrikumar Rao
Celebrating times of changeStanley Modrzyk
Well being for womenStella Weller
Down to earth astrologyStephanie Michaels
The Reflexology WorkoutStephanie Rick
Exploring JupiterStephen Arroyo
Chinese YogaStephen Chang
Tau ChuanStephen Karcher
Guided meditations; explorations and healingStephen Levine
Self hypnosis dietSteven Gurgevich
Healing with Crystals and Chakra EnergySue Lilly
Healing stonesSue Phillips
Complete Aromatherapy HandbookSusanne Fischer-Rizzi
Herbs for Health and BeautySuzanne Beedell
Living the magical lifeSuzi Gablik
The Human AuraSwami Panchadasi
The Science of self realizationSwami Prabhupada
Live Better Yoga HBTara Fraser
Reach your potential LibraTeresa Moorey
Step by Step TarotTerry Donaldson
Hymn BookThe Greater World Christian Spiritualist
Hymn BookThe Greater World Christian Spiritualist
The Body ElectricThelma Moss
Healing through colourTheo Gimbel
Working with ArchangelsTheolyn Cortens
Twilight GoddessThomas Cleary
Hocus PocusTitania Hardie
DowsingTom Graves
The Diviners HandbookTom Graves
Nature Cures in a NutshellTom Moule
Channelling for everyoneTony Neate
An Encyclopedia of HomoeopathyTrevor Smith
The melody of the magic piperTy Pont Enfys
Fortune telling by crystalsUrsula Markham
AromanticsValerie Worwood
Practical KabbalahVanessa Lampert
A Rainbow over the riverVeronika Van Duin
Eat your way to healthVicki Peterson
New Astrosophy Practical ApproachW. Sucher
Precious stonesW.B. Crow
Textbook of Anatomy and physiologyW.E. Arnould-Taylor
Apprenticed to magicW.E. Butler
PilatesWalter McKone
Do it yourself ShiatsuWataru Ohashi
The Book of concealed mysteryWays of Mysticism Series
Faery TaleWendy Froud
The animals are our brothers and sistersWerner Hartinger
The new living qabalahWill Parfitt
Holistic RevolutionWilliam Bloom
Reiki for a new millenniumWilliam Lee Rand
Native American AstrologyWinfried Noe
Simply YogaYolanda Pettinato
The way of the kabbalahZ'ev Ben Shimon Halevi
The Chakras and Esoteric HealingZachary Lansdowne