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So you want to be a healer?.

This is something I get asked about on a regular basis. People are sure they have psyche abilities and now they want to learn about being a healer. Maybe they just want a practical outcome of their new found psychic gifts, maybe they have someone specific in mind that they want to help even though the medical profession has failed or worse of all they wish to be a great healer who clients will flock to with unending praise. The last one usually comes later on but I have know some.

Some time ago I did some research with a Kirlian type camera on various 'healers' the results were very revealing. The process was for each participant to place their hand on the GDV plate to act as a base-line then they were asked to repeat but this time to send absent healing to an individual of their choice. The results were very revealing. While the 'Professional Healers' or healers professing to be 'powerful healers' Showed some increase/change the healers who said the were just starting or learning show much greater increase/change! On one occasion I was discussing the rather erratic results with one healer and showed her the times when healing fell off. 'Oh' she said 'that was when I was trying my hardest'. You see she got in the way of the Pure Unconditional Love by willing it to happen, because she did not want to fail the test.

Conclusion: Ego always gets in the way of spiritual healing.

What can we take from this, what do we say to people who want to become a healer, what is healing ability? If ability is a skill to be learnt then there is no such thing as healing ability, in fact it is a counter point to spiritual healing. Ability is very useful for medicine both orthodox and complimentary such as herbal or homoeopathic but in terms of spiritual healing humility is the key. During a spiritual healing session the healing energy of Pure Unconditional Love is channelled through the healer. The healer is the channel, a hollow tube. If there is something to learn it is get out of the way and let it be. Anything you put into the channel is going to block it or pollute it. A healer with an ego can be dangerous and instead of making you well they can actually make you sick with some of the healers unconscious garbage. And who amongst us do not have unconscious garbage. Right now if you say you don't then I have to say you are full of it.

So you want to be a healer, can you clear that channel, can you remove yourself from the situation and honestly say it is not me? Can you allow yourself to be a channel? Can you accept that love has to be pure and unconditional, so unconditional that you have no interest in it working in this particular case, you do not decide who gets well and who chooses growth through pain. Bottom line is you cannot become a healer because, for healing to take place, it cannot come from you, maybe it can come through you so you could spend a life time making sure you are a pure channel but if you do it right by getting out of the way, then even this is not needed, maybe good for other reasons but not needed for healing.

You can connect to Pure Unconditional Love simply be being open to it. So yes you need to be open to it being there, but the first time this happens, when you feel that connection there will never be any doubt again and you will be a natural conduit for Pure Unconditional Love.