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The Greater Good.

The hypnagogia state as introduced in Reprogramming the Senses is not only a state between waking and sleeping it is a state between worlds, one the world of the ego and two the world of intuition. It acts as the bridge between the two that will carry over information from the subconscious, intuitive self to the more rational ego self. Many and exciting are the things to be found in the deeper levels of the mind but without the ability to bring them back into normal consciousness most of it is lost. After you have used this method for some time your will undoubtedly arrive at the conclusion that you have accessed something deeper than your own mind, that you have made contact with some sort of otherworldly being, intent on guiding you down the right path and leading you to your rightful potential fulfilment. In a sense you are very right and yet you are also very wrong, why, because the otherworldly being is in essence you. However, it may well be good to think of it as something other than you because its motivations are much higher than most people can maintain while in the ego state of mind. I call it the Higher Self but you can call it what you want.

It is a wonderful experience to be in regular contact with the Higher Self but it does come with a price tag. The answers or guidance you receive will always be in your own best interest, that means that you will not be able to use it to locate a cheaper source of illegal drugs. That may be obvious and not a concern for the majority of readers, but consider what this means, it means, in legal terms that you must have 'Clean Hands' but because we are dealing with the Higher Self and therefore subject to spiritual laws as well you will have to ensure the up most in what clean hands. The answers or guidance will not only be given in light of what is right and worth but also in line with your destined role and the fulfilment of your up most potential which will also be in line with the Greater Good so no only must it benefit you and be part of your spiritual journey it must also not only not harm others but be good for others also.

So if your do not get an answer, maybe you should not have asked the question but do not think that you are doing wrong because you do not get an answer right away, there may be timing issues whereby other circumstances need to be in place before it is right for you to take action. It may be that it is better to show rather than tell so you need to be listening to that still small voice guiding you through the day, follow hunches, if you feel you should change your route to work then do it you may see something important.

Working this way you will develop psychically as you develop spiritually. I know some of you may wish to enhance your psychic abilities in more traditional ways such as Tarot, Crystal Ball or Mediumship and why not. The Esoteric Order will be offering more articles to cover these.