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What am I? (continued)

The Functional Body. Having looked at the Casual Body last month we need now take a look at the Functional Body which your will remember from last month is connected to the Chakra System. Much has been written about the Chakra System which is confusing and contradictory, and I have no desire to add to that confusion or in deed contradict any who have gone before. So I shall set out the Chakra System as taught by The Libra Centre, and draw as few references as I can.

So what is a Chakra? In energy terms it is a double spiral, that is, it is an energy track which spirals in on itself and then spirals back out again.

You will excuse my drawing skills.Spiral Chakra

It is not a knot, it is free flowing so it is not matter, but it is a slowing down of energy a bit like a resistor in an electrical circuit. The number and length of the turns varies with each Chakra but they are all of this spiral nature. This represents an energy nodule within the system as a whole, and its function is to draw out and make available a certain type of cosmic energy which is needed for the proper functioning and development of the incarnated being.

You will note from last month that I have associated the Chakras with the Planets for the Planets, astrologically speaking serve the same purpose and mirror the Chakra energy on a macrocosmic scale. The Chakras can be thought of as organs in the energetic body just as lungs and the liver are in the physical body and just as vital. You will realise that terms such as blocked Chakra and open/closed Chakra can only refer to the awareness and proper utilisation of the Chakras and not to any actual blocking or opening and closing of the Chakra itself, any more than you could block the course of a Planet. The Energies associated with each Chakra are always available to us.

We will begin the study of each Chakra in turn next month but for now realise that we all are endowed with these tools for spiritual development and an understanding of the use and purpose of the Chakra system is as important to those of the West as much as to those of the East.