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Testimonials for Theresa's Psychic Art Readings

Aura Drawing

Do you know what your Aura is saying about you?

This is a wonderful opportunity to discover your Aura in all its beautiful colours.

Theresa, our Clairvoyant Artist who sees Auras and studied their meanings for many years and due to her Fine Art background has developed the ability to interpret individual Auras around people, animals, plants and sacred sites.

Theresa quickly tunes in and while she is drawing what she sees and senses she will talk you through the process so you understand the picture which forms before your eyes.

Once your picture is complete and she has recapped on the main points of your Aura, your picture is fixed with a spray. For extra protection your picture is laminated, however, if you prefer to have your picture mounted under glass, in a frame, as many people prefer to do you should let us know.

To avail yourself of this absolutely unique and personal work of art, book your slot early to avoid disappointment.

How to order an Aura Drawing.

  1. For internet orders you may pay below, £40 then send a fairly recent photograph of yourself by email attachment to When your Aura Painting is complete it will be scanned and send to you as a download link together with an extensive personal reading.


What is Aura?

Everything that exists in manifestation is created and maintained through the force of Spirit. Spirit is first cause, primal movement, Spirit is the relationship between things.

Every atom in the Universe is a small unit of Spirit. Our bodies are build up from organs; lungs, kidneys, heart. Which are made of tissues, which are made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms.

When atoms form molecules they do so according to certain laws of physics and chemistry, a molecule could be thought of as one to many 'units of atoms'. But it is only one unit of Spirit, no matter how large or complex the molecule is, it is only one unit of Spirit. Similarly when molecules form to make cells they should not be viewed as separated but as one unit of Spirit. Living things are made of, from one to many cells and once again they must be thought of as one unit of Spirit.

As the atomic structure becomes more complex so the unit of Spirit becomes more complex.

It is at this point we can now say that Aura is a unit of Spirit.

In the case of a human-being we can say that the unit of Spirit or Aura is, on physical terms extremely complex. However, as human-beings we know that there is more to us than a purely physical form. We have emotions and memories, each having their own Aura and each forming a part of and building the one Aura. Though many of our emotions and memories are hidden they still reside within and affect the total Aura.

As emotions and memories affect the Aura. In the same way organs and cells can be affected by the Aura. Our Aura affects and is also affected by, outside influences and environments, negatively and positively. Which helps us to understand di-ease and healing.

From this brief introduction to the makeup of your Aura it will be clear that your Aura represents you on many levels, atomic, molecular, cellular, emotional and psychological. Therefore, to understand our Aura is to understand ourselves and while it may be difficult to understand ourselves because we look at the parts not the whole, clearly looking at our Aura is a way of looking at the whole or taking an holistic view.

As we live our life, grow and change so to our Aura is dynamic and changing. As our physical makeup undergoes changes of state to allow the proper functioning of our bodies these will initiate minor fluctuations in our Aura. More permanent physical changes, such as illness, will have stronger effects on our Aura. Our life is full of ebb and flow and, again, there is a corresponding ebb and flow to our Aura.

Viewed as a whole the changes in our Aura are small and more importantly the general drift of our lives is seen in a general change in our Aura over a period of our lives where there is change and development. Therefore, we have our ups and downs but our Aura will only change to the level at which you change.

    To summarise the above:
  1. Your Aura is a Unit of Spirit
  2. Having an Aura drawing done annually or after you have initiated a change to yourself or feel things have moved on, can help you confirm your development and growth.
  3. It may also point out issues which still need to be addressed.

Soul Paintings

Example of Soul Painting

The next level in Self discovery.

Do you know what your Soul is trying to tell you?

Theresa has been directed to offer this service to the public.

Soul Paintings are a way of examining your Soul Complex in a visual and empowering way.

Theresa connects with you at a Soul level and then paints the clairvoyant impressions which she receives as directed by your own Soul Self.

Theresa quickly tunes in and while she is painting what she sees and senses she will talk you through the process so you understand the painting which evolves before your eyes.

How to order a Soul Paintings.

  1. For internet orders you may pay below, £40 then send a fairly recent photograph of yourself by email attachment to When your Soul Painting is complete it will be scanned and send to you as a download link together with an extensive personal reading.

What is the Soul or why would I want a Soul Painting.

In trying to answer this question, certain other questions need to be addressed. A Soul in isolation is, as well as being impossible, very difficult to describe. The reason is that the Soul cannot be thought of outside of its function and the function of the Soul is to mediate between the Un-incarnate Self and the individual, personal self.

The individual personal self, in this case is made up of the Aura, the Chakra system, and the physical body, each of which need further elaboration but we can for now take it as a whole.

The Un-incarnate is the you on a much higher level. The Un-incarnate is an entity which can be thought of as a being who projects out a portion of itself into incarnation. This projection is what you would commonly think of as yourself. The Un-incarnate may have several such projections at any one time, each projection has a finite existence and will be renew as need requires, this you will see as reincarnation.Process of incarnation and reincarnation would have very little purpose for the Un-incarnate if there was no connection between itself and the individual, personal self. This connection is the Soul.

The Soul also can be thought of as a separate entity but it can never be separated from its function. So the Soul takes the designs and wishes of the Un-incarnate and attempts to transmit these instructions to the individual projection which it has care of. There may be a certain amount of autonomy as to the way it accomplishes this function, but its function is clear. If the Soul is efficient in this task, you the individual personal self are better able to understand your function or purpose, which has, of course, be designated by the Un-incarnate. While we may not be given to understand the whole picture, the total design which the Un-incarnate is attempting to play out, connection with the Soul will, to a greater or lesser degree, informs us of the part we play in the greater scheme of the Un-incarnate.

We have been discussing the individual personal self as a projection of the Un-incarnate. It is as well to realise that we are a very real part of the Un-incarnate and therefore it is as well to consider the Un-incarnate as our true, eternal Self. In this way we will feel a greater connection with the Soul, which is very often felt as our inner or higher self.

The Soul is not a one way street, very important is the knowledge and experiences passed back to the Un-incarnate. Much of this is communicated during what we call life and finalised after the demise of the physical body. Much of what or who, we are or become, is absorbed into the Soul, which itself is finally absorbed back into the Un-incarnate.

It should be clear now how important it is to the fulfilment of ourselves on all levels, that a good Soul connection is formed. It is desirable then to establish, the methods of and the associated experiences of, the communications we make with our Soul, in both directions.

How do we talk to our Soul, because ultimately if we wish to understand the Soul, is it not best to ask the Soul direct, why read a biography when you can talk to the person face to face. To do this, a lot of the time, people need to externalise the Soul and visualise it in some anthropomorphic form, animal totem or guardian angel. It will be found that many times one externalised form is totally insufficient to fully describe the Soul and what communications it is trying to issue forth. These externalisation's will also change over time as the messages of the Soul change as a consequence of our understanding and actions.

The medium through which we work when connecting with the Soul has been termed the inner world and this inner world is very accessible to us all but how well do we incorporate it into the outer, fully conscious world of our everyday affairs. It is, for most, that there is the real world and an imaginary world of dreams and fantasy. To some however, the two worlds are able to coexist sometimes impinging on each other sometimes not. A few individuals manage to live out a good portion of their lives completely shut up in this inner world, which holds many dangers and falsities. Others, conversely live almost completely in the outer conscious world which brings equal dangers, to ourselves, our Soul and our Un-incarnate.

A balanced approach is to realise that the one is an outcome of the other in both directions. The inner world is a part of our outer world and the outer world is a part of our inner world. The two are as one and the one is as two.

The anthropomorphic forms, totems, and other forms of symbolism, are the language of the Soul. We may at times feel that it would be better if the Soul would communicate by words and sometimes it does but in this case the words or phrases are themselves extremely symbolic and or obtuse. The reason is because ultimately a symbol confers more information than mere words could because usually they are the initiations of a journey or quest which we are asked to undertake. A symbol can lead us off on many paths of discovery and there more symbols are revealed and so the journey continues which eventually becomes our Life, that is, what we have offered back to the Un-incarnate.

How then may we assist the Soul to gather information and experiences from us? This is best done by spiritualising our life. All will eventually be absorbed back to the Un-incarnate at the end of the life of the individual personal self. However, the more we can pass back to the Un-incarnate via the Soul the more the Un-incarnate will respond and offer up further avenues for us to explore. This is how we can live many lives in one.

To spiritualise our life is to combine the inner and outer worlds as described above. To seek the meaning in the mundane and the essence of the complex. In this way our live, our Soul and our Un-incarnate will be richer and more fulfilled.

To summarise the above:

  1. In the journey of your life you are the driver but the Soul is the navigator.
  2. The directions of the Soul are in symbolic form.
  3. A Soul Painting will help you recognise the symbolic messages of your Soul.

Why have a Soul Painting?

To have a deeper connection to your part in the grand scheme of things. The Painting is a personal road map tied in with the language of the Soul through the use of symbol. These paintings are unique to you and follow no particular format it depends entirely on your own Soul's messages as received by Theresa, your clairvoyant guide.

Spirit Guide Portraits

Spirit Guide is an energy that surrounds us and can take on archetypal representation of a stereotyped ethnic group such as Native American,Chinese or Egyptian because they are seen as having enlightened essences. These energies are known by many names, Spirit Guides, Guides, Helpers or Spirit Helpers, Higher Self, Angels and Guardian Angels. But I have found that since they are vibrations they are dis incarnated beings and for me start out as colours then puts on human physical forms. When we can visually perceive a particular guide this helps us find a deeper connection to our own spiritual destiny. A particular guide that chooses to come forward and be represented a particular way does depend on the messages they want to rely. I connect with the energy of your spirit communicator and information is passed on to you. Clients are frequently surprised by the energy the portraits produce and many feel encouraged by the connection and emotional healing often takes place thus leading them further on their own spiritual path in life

How to order a Spirit Guide Portrait.

  1. For internet orders you may pay below, £40 then send a fairly recent photograph of yourself by email attachment to When your Spirit Guide Portrait is complete it will be scanned and send to you as a download link together with an extensive personal reading.

What is a Spirit Guide or why have a Spirit Guide Portrait.

Spirit guides can mean many things to different people, and cultures, however, The Libra Centre maintains that a Spirit Guide is an energy being which has a desire or a commitment to assist incarnate beings (you and me) along certain paths, much the same as your Soul, only this is an external source, which usually makes itself available to other beings as well.

Spirit Guides are there for the development of whole groups of people, organisations, or those of a collective path. We may not realise that we are on a collective path but certain evolutionary developments are underway and as different people come close to or make themselves available to these evolutionary developments then they will come under the guidance of the energy beings, spirit guides, responsible for that particular path.

While we are alive on Earth we are not as free to go our own way as we may think. We are, all of us, here for a reason. All life, in fact all of existence is connected in one whole system, we cannot get away from it we cannot choose to not play a part. The part or maybe I should say parts we play will all have one or many Spirit Guides associated with them. We, sometimes consciously but mostly unconsciously, are part of a grand design, we are all working to bring about a specific state in the universe and the Spirit Guides are there to oil the wheels and offer help and assistance.

While the Soul helps us to develop our true selves in the form of the un-incarnate. Our Spirit Guides help us to develop the planet and or the universe, or it could be the other way round, we help our Spirit Guides, depends how you wish to look at it.

The big question is "Why am I here?" What is it that I am here to achieve or work towards? These questions are not easy to answer as we tend to spend the majority of our time in the corporeal realm, doing corporeal things in a corporeal way, While our Soul and any Spirit Guides we have inhabit the non-corporeal realm, doing non-corporeal things in a non-corporeal way. Basically no e-mail with detailed instructions.

Our biggest challenge is to bridge this corporeal divide and mystics throughout the world and throughout time have been trying to teach us to do just that. One method is through meditation and a simplified life, this is perhaps the best method but it is very difficult to achieve in today's hectic world. There are though techniques which can be accessed relatively easily, and these revolve around focusing our attention for brief periods, not on the out there but on the in here. Art which speaks to you on a deeper level is one of these techniques.

One final question needs to be addressed so as to not cause confusion, in this document we have discussed the Soul and a Spirit guide, so should we follow Soul or Spirit? The answer is, it does not really matter. Following your Soul will ultimately lead you to follow Spirit and by following Spirit we will be on the path of the Soul, it really is a win/win situation.

To summarise the above:

  1. In evolution of the Mankind your Spirit Guide helps you play your part.
  2. Your Spirit Guide is a non-corporeal being which does corporeal work through you.
  3. A Spirit Guide Portrait will help you bridge the divide between the corporeal and non-corporeal realms.

Why have a Spirit Guide Portrait?

You will be introduce, in a visual format to one of a number of Spirit Guides and helped in the connection and communication between you both. The use of Art in this way encourages the 'in here' thinking as opposed to the 'out there' thinking of our busy lives.

Comments about Theresa's Psychic Art Readings

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Karen from Worcester

Thank you so much for drawing my Aura today at the Chelthenham show. I was so chuffed at the result you got to. I'm sitting in my lounge studying it on my mantle and have just noticed the side where it was all magenta is actually a figure of a person looking down on me! excellent hey? still looking for more in the turquoise, dark blue and green areas now! You have shown me something to challenge my energies at last, so I will start to have fun with tv games first then...
Thank you again !

Emma Culloty

Interesting reading, would agree with what the colours interpretation was. Will definitely come back again.

Kathleen O'Neilly

Interesting reading as it is showing where I feel that I am developing.

Hannah Culloty

I enjoyed my reading and agree with the colours. I found it very interesting.

Simon Carter

Most enlightening, very helpful, helping me with the transformation process I am aware of.

Graham Walton

Very interesting reading and drawing. Plenty of information to think about.


Lovely to see the colours - affirmation of internal connections being externalised - confirmation of inner awareness.


Spot on! Very good and interesting reading.
Thank you


Very relevant to what is happening in my life right now. Unbelievable - Thank you


Very informative reading and so relevant to my stage of development. It confirmed what I had been thinking for months but did not really believe. Now I know my intuition was right!! (and what my guide has been telling me!!)

Michele xxx

I have my soul painting by my bed and I study it every night - it is so gorgeous and you are so clever.....I will treasure it for life and will hand it to my daughters when I am ready for my next journey.....
lots of love and light


Many thanks for the aura drawing which confirmed the energies that I am working on. A loved one who has passed over appeared and you said there was the face of an animal in it - you thought it could be an owl. I suggested it could have been my nephew who was keen on wildlife. When I got home my sister (his mother) told me she had been to a talk and the speaker brought several owls. Throughout the next 2 weeks owls kept appearing in my life - in books, on TV, on calendars, on websites - in fact, everywhere. You told me that you do not normally work in this way and when I met you again you told me that this was the birthing of your soul paintings which have developed rapidly since that reading. Maybe we helped each other on that day. Thank you and wishing you every success with your development.

Diana WallThank you Theresa, I knew all that you said but could not bring myself to act, I have now acted on what you reminded me about and wow has my life turned around, coming to you for a reading was the best thing to happen to me in a long while.