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Stop wasting those precious moments

Guy Finley talks about linking up to those special moments which are happening all the time. This is something I have been trying to instill in my clients, there is no Spiritual World and a Mundane World, there is only One. Our everyday lives are a mirror of our Spiritual growth, but more than that your everyday life is filled with precious moments of messages from your Soul, of lessons from Spirit. All you have to do is listen and accept, accept that the things that happen to you, the bee landing on your shoulder, the frustration you feel with the checkout girl, these are the precious moments which teach you about Spirituality, about life, about yourself and about the Divine.

I remember, years ago when I was working on some problem, I do not actually remember the problem because that was no important, what is important is how I solved it or how it was solved for me. I was driving along in that semi-automated state we find ourselves sometimes when I noticed the number plate of a car approaching on the other side of the road. The combination of letters on that number plate somehow struck me and gave me the answer I had been looking for. Latter, when I gave it some thought I really started to get agitated because of the implications, how could I get this message, was the person driving that car an angel who had arranged to be driving by at that precise time with a specially constructed number plate, just to give me that message.

If that person was an angel then we all are. The person driving the car was just another being on this plane the same as you and me, there was no magic or supernatural it was simply me picking up that precious moment, just one of many that happen every day. What agitated me was the thought that it seemed as the the whole world was created for my benefit. Now if that does not get you agitated I do not know what will. The truth is though, that the world of your experience is created just for you because it was created by you.

If we stay with driving, I remember buying one of those boxes which fit on top of your car, to carry extra luggage and stuff. As soon as I set off with my new box on top, the world changed, many many people had the same box on top. Now, no more people had these boxes than before it was just I started to notice them more. A simple thing that I am sure you have all has similar experiences, but it is not simply mundane it is all part of the magic of life and finding those precious moments. Do not let them slip by because they enrich our lives and bring us healing.