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Demons come in many forms but are usually born within ourselves. Mostly people speak of the demons within to refer to some psychological or emotional event which has been repressed or has somehow become locked in our subconscious, inhibiting our progress in related areas of our lives. Childhood, abuse or failed relationships are the most common forms of these types of demons.

It can also happen, in a surprisingly high number of cases that, initially our inner demons are rejected, by convincing ourselves that we are of stable mind and character and could not possibly have any hang-ups, psychological or emotional blocks, or any inner demons. The result is that these inner demons can by a process of projection become outer demons.

Projection is very common, in fact I would say that all of us are guilty of it in some form or other at different times of our lives. The parts of ourselves which become projected are the parts we cannot face about ourselves are then projected onto some other person, group or class. The most common projection is when we have within us an image of the ideal man or woman and then because we dearly desire that ideal we project that image onto the next person in our lives, this is the cause of many unsuccessful relationships, but I am getting of the point.

There are however, some dangerous elemental energies which we can come into contact with by uninstructed tampering with planes of existence not of the physical. The place where this happens is either the plane of Daath or the Lower Astral. The first, that of the plane of Daath is quite rare and only encountered by people who have travelled a long way on a Spiritual Journey and quite frankly they should know better. Problems with the Lower Astral are very common.

The Lower Astral is the first place that we go when doing any kind of psychic work, and it is perhaps a the first test of the initiate. In this, plane, realm, existence, call it what you will, you will find many wonders, it is here that you meet your guides or masters, the souls of the departed AND THEY ARE ALL FALSE. If you wish to contact guides, angels, gods or goddesses then this is not the place to do it. This is a place of delusion, temptation and entrapment. A place of demons.

The demons from this realm can do nothing in any other realm, they cannot cross into the higher realms and they cannot cross into this realm other than in your imagination, your dreams and fantasies. Some people who have been badly affected by an experience on the Lower Astral have a feeling that demons have attached themselves to them and are constantly within them, a demon attachment. This is further enhanced by those in the business of fleecing the unwary by peddling their so called skills in exorcism, or clearing the aura of bad entities.

I have seen cases, very rare, where a portion of the individual psyche is detached and remains, tormented in the Lower Astral. This requires careful handling by very skilled psychologist trained in the integration or synthesis of the mind. Unfortunately, there are very few of this type of psychologists who are also versed in the true make up of the Lower Astral. However, it is vital that the person so afflicted use their rational senses to relate to this situation in a very objective and common sense way.

In mythology Hercules was only able to slay the demon by first bowing to it, i.e. recognising it and then lifting it above his head, out of the swamp and into the daylight, i.e. bringing it out into conscious awareness. In this state the demon lost all its strength, i.e. it will no longer have hold of you. Demons of all kinds; psychological, emotional or deluding energy entities, can be slain in this way.