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Contracts War

Bombardier versus Siemens

It has been announced that the Thames Link contract will go to Siemans and not Bombardier, sparking a row over why the contract was not awarded to a UK company. Firstly Bombardier is not a UK company it is like most large companies a multinational company and was founded in Canada. But that is not the point I want to look at today, I would like to establish why the UK government awarded this contract to Siemans and not Bombardier, neither are what you would call local businesses. It is the astrology which I would like to look at and so I took the charts of both companies and compared the Transits on the day the contract was awarded.

Transits for 16th June Contract Awarded

If you take trines and sextiles to be positive influences, squares and quincunxs challenges, conjuncts according to planets, then a simple addition of plus and minus will give the answer.

Bombardier -1
Siemens +4

Of course this is a very simple analysis and does not go into any detail, would be very unprofessional to present this as a conclusion. But is does show a very quick method of judging an outcome. It does however, beg the question what was the motivation for the choice.