The Esoteric Order.

The Complete Astrologer.

This book had everything, it started with the history of astrology but not in a dry academic way, it showed astrology's place in the past and the present. It detailed the different types and views of astrology all within the first section 'Astrology in the life of man' Though I wanted to jump to the part about casting a horoscope I did find the first part very interesting and it really helped put astrology in perspective. The next section explains the mechanics of the solar system which gets you to understand what you are actually looking at when you examine your first chart, I am amazed at the number of students giving astrology readings who do not even know the orientation of the chart and how it links to the actual positions in the sky overhead, this book explained this in a very easy to understand way with diagrams and illustrations. It then went on to a step by step guide to casting a horoscope, of course this is done by computer these days but not back then when I started everything had to be calculated and drawn by hand and I would urge everyone studying astrology to learn how to do this in stead of just clicking a mouse. After this interpretation is covered. While now, I am not really a fan of the interpretation method used I was at the time as it made it easy to to come to an initial assessment of a chart. While this book will not make you a professional astrologer it will give you a really good start. After discussing the houses, planets, signs and aspects in some detail it continues with a really decent coverage of Progressions and Transits. The section on mythology of the planets opened up a great deal of future study. The book ends with tables of planetary positions, sidereal times and table of houses.

Everything you need to cast your very first horoscope. The remaining selling point of the book was the copious and beautiful illustrations, in short a beautiful book which I still treasure and always will. There are old copies still available and I encourage you to seek them out, but you are not getting my copy.

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