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What are the Chakras for.

The following table will help you to understand the psychological and spiritual meanings of the Chakras in a developmental way.

Chakra Central Question Description Colour
Base Chakra: "Who am I?" Search for identity. The first step in development is to know exactly who you are. This has nothing to do with what you do, your title or what you own. It is you as an individual. To do this is to hold your power. To seek it outside of yourself is to give away your power. Frustration is looking in the wrong place. This accounts for the idea of red meaning anger, whereas red is power. Red.
Sacral Chakra: "Where am I from?" Working with personal history. The second step is a realistic and creative relationship with your past. This is not being locked into the past and stagnation. It is the ability to be creative. One should use your history as a thrust block to the future not as an anchor to the past. Learn from your mistakes and be strengthened by your success. Taking a different viewpoint is creativity. Orange.
Solar Chakra: "Where am I now?" Current coping strategies. The third step is to maintain a balance of feeling and logic. Feeling without logic is fancy, logic without feeling is sterile. A refusal to be classified as a rational or an intuitive type. Taking a balanced view will help to maintain your own balance. Try standing on one foot, now consider, under-standing. What do you feel or think, is there a difference. Yellow.
Heart Chakra: "Who is in control?" Central control. The fourth step is the realisation of your true essence, the being in "to be" and to work from the centre. Not self-centred but a centred self. A person who is centred as more control of themselves and the way their environment affects them. Consider yourself as the point at the centre of a circle of awarenes. Whatever the size of the circle the centre remains the same. Green.
Throat Chakra: "What are my needs?" Self expression. The fifth step is an understanding that you have worth and a place in the scheme of things which needs to be nurtured. Not to exclude but to included. Everyone is here for a purpose and has something to offer, not to express yourself is to deny the cosmos your uniqueness. What will we do without your specialness you have not only a right to be here but a duty. Blue.
Brow Chakra: "What is my connection?" Connection to the external. The sixth step is the discovery of your relationship to that which is in your world. This is spirituality in essence. Have a clear understanding of what is in your world and how it affects you and you it. With this description everyone is spiritual or has their own unique spirituality. We all have a brow Chakra and can use it. Purple.
Crown Chakra: "Where to begin again?" Recreation. The seventh step is to take another look at yourself starting from step one. As you have approached this point you have grown and need to understand and develop the new you. All of life is based not on creation but on recreation. Every cell in your body is constantly being renewed, so we should be constantly renewing and recreating your whole self. Magenta.