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The Body Electric.

Carrying on from last months Lesson, we will need to consider the term Mind over Matter. This is a common enough term that is used widely however, it is not a very accurate statement. We discovered last month how our thoughts were to some extent electrical in nature and therefore, energy. There is of course a lot more to it than that but for now it will do to consider that our thoughts have an electrical component. So what is Matter? Matter is made up of molecules which in turn are made up of atoms which in turn are made up of a few basic particles. We are told that the atom is made from positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons and sometimes some neutral particles called neutrons. And that in the normal state the negative charge of the electrons cancels the positive charge of the protons, the neutron and the proton are in there turn both made of different arrangements of quarks which give them there charge either positive or neutral, but that need not concern us either. The main thing to remember is that matter is basically nothing more than electrical energy with some nuclear energy thrown in. That being said Mind and Matter are made of the same stuff.

Any charged particle will have an associated field, this field spans out in all directions, but its strength is diminishing with the square of the distance, this mean that within in a short distance the field has reduced considerably but it will never reduce to zero. Remember that, after a sharp decline in field strength there is a levelling off which means that the field of every charged particle stretches to infinity. This goes for your thoughts and your body which are the same stuff. What is the difference between the particle and the field? Simply put, nothing. In reality all there is in the known universe is energy fields. You are a pulsating ever changing energy field.

You can give a name to it if you please, it is called Aura. So now we are in a position that nothing is ever truly private, your body is transmitting signals about itself throughout the universe, your thoughts, once consider yours and yours alone, securely locked within your head, are winging their way to every corner of the universe. In our normal everyday world we are no more aware of other peoples thoughts than we are of all the other signals which pervade the air around us. Until that is, like the radio, we tune into them.

Before we discuss the possibility of tuning in, we need to consider is it ethical, would you like it if your private live, all your deepest most personal thoughts were broadcast to all your neighbours? Similarly your medical files are supposed to be confidential, given what we now know of the nature of our bodies or energy fields, confidentiality is no longer an option. Does it matter? We are all made of the same stuff and we all occupy the same space, yes, if my body which is nothing more than an energy field, stretches to infinity where is your body, think about it, if we occupy the same space are we the same body, a little meditation will convince you that we are at the least all united.