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How to use the Arabic Parts.

Arabic Parts also known as Lots have three parts. [1] Two fixedActually nothing is fixed, not even space itself but they are referred to as fixed because they are not part of the house system which revolves completely in 24 hours, compared to this the planets can be thought of as fixed. significatorsThis term is generally used by astrologers and tarot readers and simply means something chosen to signify something else, a person or the matter at hand. , usually two planets or the luminaries The Sun or Moon. these are selected because they are appropriate or have association with the matter at hand. [2] The distance between them, the significators, measured in the direction of the order of the signs. [3] A moveable significator usually a house cusp or its rulerEach house will have a ruler or lord based on the zodiac sign at the beginning of the house. When working with Arabic Parts I prefer to work with the traditional rulerships rather than using the newer discovered planets, however, since it could be argued that man has moved on since ancient times it is permissible to use modern rulerships, use your intuition and perhaps take your lead from the type of question under investigation. which is the place to add the distance from the two significators, again, in the order of the signs. The place where this falls is the position of the Arabic Part.

Since the Arabic Parts are a condition of the fixed significators then before and analysis of the Arabic Part can be performed an analysis of the condition of the significators must be made as this will definitely affect the analysis of the Arabic Part. This ideally should be done after considering the chart as a whole and the current circumstances of the nativeThis term is used here to mean the person or thing for which the chart was cast, Arabic Parts are most often considered in charts of questions and charts of ingress so the older term native is preferred.. This step is so often missed and is the main reason for disappointment when working with Arabic Parts.

Next it is time to consider the state of the Arabic Part itself, not just in terms of sign and house position but look to the dispositorThe dispositor is the planet which is the natural ruler of the sign or house, if the Arabic Part be in Aries then the depositor by sign would be Mars. of the Arabic Part, this will affect the judgement of the Arabic Part pay attention to the sign, house and aspects to the dispositor, when making judgement of the Arabic Part. Then consider aspects to the Arabic Parts it is well to consider if the Arabic Part is being aspected by BenificTraditionally, Jupiter is considered to be the greater benefic, while Venus has been assigned the position of the lesser benefic. The Sun, Moon and Neptune are considered to be moderately fortunate in their influences. or MalifecTraditionally thought to bring bad luck and misfortune. Mars is considered the lesser malefic, while Saturn is the greater malefic. In modern astrology, Pluto is also considered malefic planets and of course their strengths and condition. Look finally if the aspecting planets are actually one of the significators for this will greatly affect the judgement.

The Arabic Parts can be consulted for Solar and Lunar Returns, Progressions and Solar Ingesses to the Cardinal signs so it is important that the original chart be well investigated prior to judgement of the revolution chart as is always the case. When working with HoraryA Horary Chart means chart of the hour this often calculated for the time a question is asked since it represents the birth of the question therefore the answer is sort in the chart of this time. or ElectionalThis type of astrology looks for the most opportune time to start a new venture, calculating when the planets line up to reflect the nature of the venture, Used in business, travel and medical. charts we must be very cautious indeed when making judgements based on the Arabic Parts without insight into the conditions surrounding the case.

Finally and perhaps most importantly you should have a very clear understanding of the Arabic Part itself, that is what are the significators and why have they been chosen, it is no use trying to make a judgement based on the name of the Arabic Part and its pre-calculated position.

Just as the condition of the luminaries can give an overall indication of the life of the native so the Part of Fortune can be consider the part of the parts and will give an overall consideration of the matter in hand. The formula of this part is position of the Ascendent plus the position of the Moon minus the position of the Sun (reverse for night time chartsposition of the Ascendent plus the position of the Sun minus the position of the Moon. This is obvious when we consider that the strongest significator should be used first and obviously the Sun has dominion of the day and the Moon dominion over the night.). Note this modern formula method of calculating the parts may lead you to a false conclusion as to the strongest significator, below I calculate the positions of The Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit the way they should be done follow along with these then apply the formula method and you will see that you arrive at the same positions. The easiest way of calculating positions is to use absolute longitude and convert the minutes to decimals. Lets have an example:

Consider the Sun at 3 degrees 38 minutes of Gemini, how can we convert this into a simple number first we decimalise. 38 minutes is equal to 38 divided by 60 (there being 60 minutes in a degree, to convert back to minutes multiply the decimal by 60) 0.63° this is then added to the 3° making 3.63° but what of the Gemini part of our position. Here is where absolute longitude comes in, consider the table below.

Aries = + 0°
Taurus = + 30°
Gemini = + 60°
Cancer = + 90°
Leo = + 120°
Virgo = + 150°
Libra = + 180°
Scorpio = + 210°
Sagittarius = + 240°
Capricorn = + 270°
Aquarius = + 300°
Pisces = + 330°

Gemini is + 60° so our position is converted to 3.63° + 60° = 63.63°

The position of the Moon is 5 degrees 40 minutes of Aquarius so 40 / 60 = 0.67° + 5° = 5.67° Aquarius = + 300° so the absolute longitude position of the Moon is 305.67°

Using the same method the Ascendant position of 22 degrees 29 minutes of Libra is 202.48° of absolute longitude.

Now the calculation of the Part of Fortune is simple: we need the difference in longitude between the two significators in order of the zodiac starting from the strongest significator. The strongest significator is the Sun at 63.63° count round to the Moon at 305.67° or simply subtract the Sun (63.63°) from the Moon (305.67°) giving a difference of longitude of 242.04°. We then extend this degree from the ascendant (202.48°) 202.48° + 242.04° = 444.53° we have gone full circle so deduct 360° to get 84.52° convert back to zodiacal longitude we find the Part of Fortune at 24°Gemini31"

If it was a night time chart you would start from the Moon which incidentally is the same as the Part of Spirit in a day time chart so we shall now consider the Part of Spirit, we have the absolute longitude of all the significators so let us begin. Find the degrees of separation from the strongest significator to the weakest significator and extend that many degrees from the moveable significator.

Starting from the Moon at absolute longitude of 305.67° to the Sun at absolute longitude of 63.63° we see that the Moon is already further ahead so add 360° to the Sun 63.63° we have 423.63° now we can easily deduct the 305.67° of the Moon giving 117.96° separation in absolute longitude. Now extend this from the Ascendant or add to 202.48° gives 320.44° convert back to zodiacal longitude gives the Part of Spirit at 20° Aquarius 26"

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