The Esoteric Order.

Book review of Applied Astrology by Margaret E Hone.

In this companion to The Modern Text-Book of Astrology you can take a virtual seat in the consulting room of a very proficient professional astrologer as there are many examples detailing how to proceed in various scenarios. For instance how would you proceed if you where talking to a parent or to a business person acquainted with astrological terminology or to just an interested inquirer. Examples of these and more are included in the book.

It deals not only with general interpretation written and face to face but it also looks at solving problems that the client has so you learn to focus on solutions rather than generalities which often happens, the inexperienced astrologer may spew out the meaning of chart factors an expect the client to find the answers with a mass of conflicting information. You are only going to do this you may as well sell computer generated chart interpretations ( Not that these were available when I was first reading this book ).

This book will be of value to all students of astrology and because we astrologers are always learning it will be of value to the more experience astrologer also just to get back to basics is a very valuable experience for any astrologer who is aware of their own weaknesses and if you are not you should not be practicing astrology. Whilst many astrologers pride themselves on the intuitive abilities, and I am in no way denying that intuition can help enormously. But we must stick to the chart and never wander to far from established and proven techniques.

All in all a book that should be on every aspiring or professional astrologers shelf and read often.

Check it out - Applied Astrology by Margaret Hone